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Updated her profile photo

Updated her profile photo

Am really Grateful that CHRIST is a place of safety, in these World where some cruel Hearts exist. ALL GLORY TO YAHWAH for his UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, PROVISION, HEALTH, AND SAFETY(and things I may not be aware of) Etc....

You are a product of God's grace. Refuse to struggle for anything in life. If the best of God came to you free, nothing is too good for you. LIVE BY THE GRACE OF GOD. Hallelujah!!!

This time, my Heart suddenly felt a heavy feeling of fear (which doesn't happen) and My Spirit didn't accept it, as well as the 'nature of the new job' it was just to sudden, and too real to be true.

Just this past Friday 16th of August, in the morning; I opened up my WhatsApp chat got a message from the same person and saw missed calls; who later told me he has another job for me;

After resigning; I some how doubted my Decision, but Prayed to YAHWAH to forgive me and heal any heart I may have hurt with these decision. (all this was in July)

#UKZONE2 #LWNORWICH Thank God for the world Evangelism Conference. "INDONESIA shall be Saved!!!"

Happy birthday to you my lovely daughter Sis Betty. I thank God for your beautiful life Thank you for your unflinching commitment to the work and to me. You are a great achiever. The future for you is bright. You are just stopping you. I love you.

Audacity Pictures, Christ Embassy Oyigbo Nation Port Harcourt Zone 1- Group Rhapathon Day 1. #cephzone1 #oyigbonation #oyigbogrouprhapathon

Updated his profile photo

#UKZONE2 #BLWNORWICH Thank You Lord for the World Evangelism Conference. The Nations of the World shall be Saved!

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