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Special visitation by our Man of God, My Mentor, my Father, Pastor Chris. It's a new level, increased Grace, favor , it's indeed my month of beauty. All I see is you Lord. 🙌🙌🙏🗣💃💃💃, I love you Pastor, Thank you sir!! new Level 💃💃💃💃 #CeArlignton #Texas zone 2

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It's refreshing..Good morning Holy Ghost

Glory...#Yourloveworld with the Man of God

I would be organising a free 6 hour Graphics design and Branding Bootcamp at the University of Ibadan. Date: 31st of August 2019 Time: 8am Venue: Faculty of Technology Large Lecture Theatre. Here's the link to register for the bootcamp. https://forms.gle/7PFfvX36vo4Bgfw16

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Glorious Service today with our dear man of God pastor Bola in Christ Embassy Mississauga, we have indeed moved.

He Who Receives a Prophet ,Receives the Prophets Reward. We are all set for great times in the Nation of Fiji, Indeed the set time to Favour Fiji has Come. Mark your diaries 14th September, 2019. #TOTALEXPERIENCESUVA2019 #CEFIJIISLANDS #CESUVACENTRAL


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