Dogara Mbana Samaila: Happy Pastor. Happy Congregation! #POOA29 on KingsChat Web

Happy Pastor. Happy Congregation! #POOA29 #CEKANO #NNWZ2.

Happy Pastor. Happy Congregation! #POOA29

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When you walk in the Spirit EVERYTHING you ever wanted, is on the street God gave you to walk. -Pastor Chris

"Every time you pray the word, it becomes real. The more accurate you are with it, the more you glow in the spirit. When you pray, you are transfigured and the more you stay in that glory, the more you carry it along with you. Your mind is the door to your spirit and also the door from your spirit to bring out something to the natural world." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome #loveworldsat #yourloveworld

See my Pastor see Love. Donating divine Blood. #POOA29 #CEKANO #NNWZ2.

When your life is built on the Word, you’ll forever stand strong and tall, even in the midst of the harshest of storms. The Word of God will make you what God wants you to be, without you having to struggle.

⭐A Refreshing Thought For You Today⭐ Tuesday, 20 August 2019. In true Christianity, you don’t need to struggle to please God, because the Holy Spirit helps you live the faith life that pleases Him. Read full article 👉

#YourLoveWorld with Our Dear Man of God Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn Day 1 "Walk in the Spirit Don't try to get your blessings the human way Everything you ever want in life is in the street that God put you to walk in" ~ Pastor Chris #YLW #CeAccraGhanaZone

My Pastor is a true worshipper. Hallelujah! #POOA29 #CEKANO #NNWZ2.

"You should come to understand who you are and discover that just by thinking, if you think of something, if you express a desire for something, it comes to you so quickly. This should be your life in Christ Jesus. You have to understand all things are yours. We are joint heirs with Christ and these are not mere words." #loveworldsat #yourloveworld

Each one of us is called for one thing or the other, we are to fulfill some definite purpose from God. No one was brought into this world for nothing, your life has a meaning, your life has a purpose, discover that purpose! And the way to discover it is through the written word of God! - Pastor Chris Pastor Chris is ministering now! Watch the LIVE broadcast of Your Loveworld with Pastor Chris & Pastor Benny Hinn now on Loveworld Plus Channel.

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