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Today's session of Loveworld with Pastor Chris is amazingly stunning. So awe-inspiring! I render my profound gratitude to my indefatigable Man of God, Pastor Chris for the blessings & blessedness of the great & Holy Ghost inspired cogitations. I love you Sir. #ceamadikalagbor

Today's session of Loveworld with Today's session of Loveworld with Today's session of Loveworld with
Joy Ekemedi


Glory to Jesus

Prince Tamunoene


Thank you dearly Pastor Sir. You blessed my life!

I have registered I'm going to be there Moving to the next level #Havenzoneb1 #HavenIbsw

Happy birthday pastor ma You have redefined the life of others with your love,care, council and wisdom. You made life after graduation easy for me because you placed me ahead with your wise council from wisdom Nuggets.

What is the WORD OF GOD ? - Pastor Chris #YourLoveWorld #Canada #CEStCatharines

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#YourLoveWorld Day 1 #Highlights What is the WORD? The Word is that message from God, that reveals or communicates His works, will, thoughts, plans, purposes and pursuits to bring men into or promote fellowship with Him in love. It’s His message of truth with the content and power to build His image into the life of the hearers. It’s content is the embodiment of Christ’s revelations, provisions, perfections and instructions. ~ Pastor Chris  #CGI

Your LoveWorld A cheque is a proof of payment backed up by the government, a third party. Every promises of God (cheque), is backed up by Trinity (deity) Our Lord’s promises (Cheques) to us, never bounces at the point of redemption or collection. #lwsouthampton #ukzone2

#EWCAZ3MegaCellMinistryDayofBliss #MegaCellOutreach #Uganda #UnstoppableGrowth #CeSoroti1

#YourLoveworld #Highlights Each one of us is called for one thing or the other, we are to fulfill some definite purpose from God. No one was brought into this world for nothing, your life has a meaning, your life has a purpose, discover that purpose... and the way to discover it is through the written word of God! - Pastor Chris  #CGI

Two ways by which we get TRANSFIGURED. (1) By Praying in the HOLYGHOST (2) By renewing our mind which is the door to our Spirit with the Word of God - Pastor Chris #YourLoveWorld #Canada #CECanada #CESTCATHARINES

Glory!!! It was an amazing time with Our Man of God and Pastor Benny on Your Loveworld this Morning.. Here are some excerpts.. When you discover who you are in Christ you will realize that we are associates of the God kind. 2peter1:1-4 we have been called to glory and excellence.. Top class.. All of the Old testament has been fulfilled and abolished. when you come in to Christ, all belongs yo you.. He doesn't need to do anything for You. now that you've received the Holy ghost, you're not living on a promise that he will be with you forever,you're one with Him now, inseparable with Him.. and He's brought you into timelessness. Every time you pray the word, the more you become like Him. -2 things you do to get transfigured * Praying in the Holy ghost. * Renewing your mind Eph4:22-24, 1jn3:9, Gal5:16,Rom8:9, Your natural life and environment is the Spirit. You're a Child of the Word, a manifestation of the Word. Anytime you study the Word, you glow and then you become a replica of the word. Trying to get your blessings the human way never works, if you walk in the Spirit, everything that you will ever need is in the street that God has made you to walk in. We are in an association of Gods. Romans 13:14.Col2:6 Consciously put on Christ, You have your own atmosphere.. You're in Christ. Practice using the name of Jesus.. it might not work for you just because you're calling it.. its a lifestyle. #Cephzone2

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