Kingjoseph okopi: A set time to turnaround on KingsChat Web

A set time to turnaround everything for our Good..Benue state(Makurdi)will never remain thesame.. #NOBS2019 #withPastorGbuyi #CEMakurdi #NCZ2

A set time to turnaround

Happy birthday to an excellent giver @50 #DUGR0820 @HAVEN001 #ZA5 #CELVZ

Dear Sis Peace Osagie Thank you for always being a part of my work and for always being there when I need you. I love you dearly #staffappreciationday #cebeninzone1

My new freestyle titled God is my everything is out now. Be blessed and inspired .

Updated her profile photo

Dear Bro Gilbert You are indeed a blessing to me I love you dearly #staffappreciationday #cebeninzone1

Happy birthday dearest Deaconness. Thank you for years of love and sacrifices. Thank you for your life teachings on leadership & followership; my family is better off because of you. The "goldenness" in your life has just begun; its from glory to greater glory #DUGR0820

#EWCAZ3MegaCellMinistryDayofBliss #MegaCellOutreach #Uganda #Seychelles #Southsudan #Rwanda

Happy birthday Pst Tee Ma.

Sometimes I wonder how someone can be so patient, calm and full of love as you are. Thank you for choosing to stay and stick with the Vision even when you had options. Thank u for been an ardent follower ESTEEMED BR URHUMATSOMA THOMPSON JOSEPH #Staffappreciationday #cebeninzone1

Thank you esteemed Pastor for making a difference #SuperFM

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