Deaconess Ruth Babadele: Still celebrating our esteem Pastor on KingsChat Web

Still celebrating our esteem Pastor Karen Basmarc; happy birthday ma. CE Lagos Zone One Partnership Unit. #Celagoszone1rocks #CELZ1Wonderful #Celz1rocks

Still celebrating our esteem Pastor
Anna H Alozie


Happy birthday dearest Pastor Karen. We love you dearly ma

Oyinbo Oluwaseyi


Happy Birthday Ma

Ojo Abiodun


Happy birthday MA

Edjeba Daniel


Happy Birthday Pastor Ma. Your Light shines continually.

Pastor Karen Basmarc


Thank you so much

From New York, To London, to California, the most important thing that I’ve done is Winning Souls, We bring the fragrance of Jesus along with us everywhere we go and indeed it entices men not to us but to the Father and into the Kingdom Of God This is my Purpose.Thank you Jesus!

Happy birthday Sis Mirabel, thank you for caring for me specially and attending to me with all your heart. The lord reward and multiply your seed sown and bless you always. I love you dearly 💕🥰🍦🍡🥂🍰🎂

Updated his profile photo

It's a new year for me! Grace upon grace! #cemaun2 #cesazone3

GLOBAL HOSPITAL OUTREACH WEEK 25/08/2019 - 31/08/2019 Every cell, every outreach, every church - making impact

Come one come all.... #TotalExperienceSuva #CEFIJIISLANDS #CESUVACENTRAL #CESANZP

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Happy birthday esteem Deacon Nosa Alonge, we celebrate you sir. Ce Lagos Zone One Partnership Unit. #Celagoszone1rocks #CELZ1Wonderful #Celz1rocks

Happy birthday darling William. Your light shines everywhere. I love you...

Happy birthday Pastor Divine Joshua, your light shines everywhere. Congratulations sir. From CE Lagos Zone One Partnership Unit. #Celagoszone1rocks #CELZ1Wonderful #Celz1rocks

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