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"Money does not make you rich. There is no such thing as money because money exist only in the mind of the poor. It's a way of the rich to control the poor." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Only God’s word can describe me...every other word, thought, statement is a LIE.......Bishop Clarence McClendon #Yourloveworld

كُلّمَا نَظَرْتَ في عقاربِ السّاعة يَقْفِزُ عَقْرَبٌ .. و يَلْدَغُ جِفْنَيْك


The three most important things of the Gospel! -⠀ Join us @ right now! OR click the link in our bio! -⠀ #yourloveworld #loveworld #loveworldusa

WE ARE LIVE!!!⠀ -⠀ Join us @ right now! OR click the link in our bio! -⠀ #yourloveworld #loveworld #loveworldusa

HAPPENING NOW!!! #YourLoveworld Day 2 with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn 3 BIGGEST THINGS OF THE GOSPEL 1. Eternal Life 2. The Gift of Righteousness 3. Fellowship with God When you understand these things, you’ll always be a success. ~ Pastor Chris Watch now on all LoveWorld Networks #loveworldmediavideos

"Wealth is based on wisdom. It is power, the ability to influence, the ability to control, the ability to determine your life and your future and help others." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

"These are the abilities that God gives you. The bility to see what others cannot see, the ability to hear what others cannot hear and the ability to know what others cannot know. This is the understanding heart, & here is the power of influence." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

The Three Biggest Things of the Gospel! 1. Eternal Life 2. Righteousness 3. Fellowship with God

Nobody has the right to define you, but the Word of God. The only thing that is true about you is what the Word of God says about you, everything else that is said about you is untrue. - Bishop  Clarence McClendon Bishop Clarence McClendon is ministering now! Watch the Day 2 LIVE broadcast of Your Loveworld with Pastor Chris & Pastor Benny Hinn now on Loveworld Plus Channel.

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