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It doesn't matter what it is, whatever you desire according to the Word of God is Amen Amen Amen...@OnosBrisibi Watch the Rebroadcast of Your LoveWorld now on : #loveworldsat #yourloveworld

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Hallelujah to God forevermore Amen

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GLORRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYY!!! GLORRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYY!!! GLORRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYY!!! Quintessential!!!!!!!. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!.Yesssssss, hey Sister Onos, OK; 🎼🎤🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎶🎵

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Glory to God!

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE ONGOING "YOURLOVEWORLD" WITH PASTOR CHRIS AND PASTOR BENNY HINN 📢WHAT DID JESUS COME TO DO? DID HE ACCOMPLISH IT? There was nothing normal about Jesus; why should we as Christians accept a life of imperfection and uncertainty as normal? It's a life without a purpose - a journey to nowhere. 📢WHAT DOES THE WORD SAY? You must first know what the Word is, so that you can measure up what you've heard or believed with the Word, and if it's inconsistent, you drop it. Find out for yourself what the Word says about everything. ~ Pastor Chris

Starting off Day 4... Great things are in store! #EWCAZone4 #CGI

We’re very happy that Brother Seyi Odukoya came to our Youth Summer Camp!!!!😆👏🏾❤️ #Day4YouthSummetCamp #CEPHZONE3

Super Sunday Prayer Rally🙏 "Making Tremendous Power Available For The Supernatural" DATE: 23 AUGUST 2019 TIME: 17:30-19:00 #SuperSunday25Aug19 #CEMoneyFarm #SouthGroup #CESAZone2

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2 years ago, you came to us; a joy and a beauty to behold and hold, you remain with us a blessing, a delight and a comfort. Your days are continually filled with graces, joy, beauty, love, excellence. Happy birthday my dearest daughter in whom I'm well pleased. I Love you dearly!

#JCRM #morningmotivation #blessings #jesuschrist #wordofgod #wordofgodspeak #jesusitrustinyou #holyspirit #holyspiritguideme

Happy birthday to Mrs Ngozi Odiase! Ma, you are a blessing to generations, a giver and lover of people. I pray that God's grace be multiplied unto you and you continue to be enriched in everything to all bountifulness, which causeth through us thanksgiving to God. I love you ma

FINANCING THE GOSPEL OF SALVATION TO THE NATION OF LEBANON 🇱🇧 The Lebanese Republic of Lebanon is a country in western Asia, that shares borders with Syria to the North and East, Israel to the south and Cyprus to west across the Mediterranean. Lebanon has a population of 6.06 million inhabitants, with 54% listed as Muslims. Thank you highly esteemed Pastor Joy Amenkhienan & the inspiring LTM partners in Portharcourt Zone 3, for committing to sponsoring the message of salvation to the people of Lebanon through your financial giving towards the ongoing LoveWorld MENA studio set-up/ construction 👷 in Egypt, a TV station that will broadcast our message to the entire Middle East and North Africa in the Arabic language. Join the REVOLUTION TODAY! For details and inquiries on how to participate, please contact us on  +2348123445783, +2348123445790 or send an email to #therevolution #thetimeisnow #LoveWorldMena #middleeastrevolution

Watch YOUR LOVEWORLD WITH PASTOR CHRIS here You can download the cloveworld mobile app from the App Store  also Google Play Store #LTMNetworks

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