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Updated his profile photo

#groovzsummeryouthcamp #celz3teensministry2019

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CELEBRATING LOVE😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤,Happy wedding anniversary To My Pastors,My Parents and My Teachers,I love you both soo very much

Happy Wedding Anniversary to my Parents! The wisdom you filled us with from such a young age has helped & guided us till date. You have indeed raised God-men! I’m so grateful to God for giving me the ‘funniest’ parents!Thank u for introducing us to our MOG, I’m eternally grateful

Happy Birthday to my beautiful and ever radiant Pastor Daisy.....from glory to glory....keep on shinning and you load #pdaisy24

Celebrating my own sweetheart. Thank you for always being there💝💝

BREAKING NEWS - PASTOR CHRIS TEACHING ON SILVERBIRD TELEVISION NOW EVERY SATURDAY BY 4PM - 5PM....... 💃💃 💃 Make it a date, tell your neighbors, families & friends. For prayer and counselling, Please call: +23416317010 Proudly Sponsored By Christ Embassy Zone 5 #stv #Pastorchristeachingonsilverbird @lgzone5 #LTMNetworks

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#WhatILearned Day 1 OF THE ONLINE CELL LEADERS CONFERENCE with the Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor Brother Chris Anyadike CE TRAVIS Dallas Group, USA Region 2 #OCLC2019 #ceusaregion2

Happy Birthday sir, we appreciate you greatly and thank you for you unrelenting commitment to God, our Pastor, to the church and to all members of CE DONVALLEY. GOD BLESS YOU SIR #CEDONVALLEY #lighthouse

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