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Updated his profile photo

HAPPY NEW MONTH OF UPLIFTING The month of September is the month of UPLIFTING. The anointing gives you knowledge and power to make decisions. We receive the Holy Spirit not to do things with the Him but to live in Him. We talk to God always. Prayer is not only asking God for things. What does God do? What's His work? All God does is talk. This is so important because it us a sign of power and authority. When talking, its important to say the right things. If your life is confusing it means you are mixing good and bad water. This month of September is a special one. How you see matters. Not everybody sees correctly. That's why they say some people are color blind. They don't see correctly. So the Doctors give them some treatment. In the Spirit learn to see as God sees and learn to call what you see as God sees. In the Spirit you can be taught to see as God sees. You learn to interpret and call it what God calls it. You cannot use your sense of touch to interpret colors so God gives you sight to interpret colors. Your sensitivity to the Spirit will help you judge and how to respond as a child of God made in his image. In training royalty there are certain ways in which they are taught. You are taught authority and humility together. Every true great man or woman is a humble person. God exalts the humble. Humility is required for God's promotion. You teach royalty the power of authority and how to use it. But you never get to use it without humility. You teach them how to respond and control their emotions otherwise you'd live the life of a commoner. When you learn how to respond you chose your words. Anger destroys the beauty of royalty. You can't use it against your brother and sister. Why is all this important? Because of what He is preparing you for. 1 Chronicles 14:2 And David perceived that the Lord had confirmed him over Israel, for his kingdom was lifted up on high, because of his people Israel. How could the Kingdom be lifted. There was an advancement, honor on the kingdom because of his people Israel. Acts 3:1-8 Jesus gave us power to heal not the power to pray. Many are conjuring power to pray when they've got power to heal. Peter understood this and said such as I have, I give you. Mark 5 - the woman with the issue of blood felt it in her body that she was healed of the plague. His feet and ankle bones received strength. He leaping up stood. When God talks you RESPOND TO HIM. There is where the manifestation is. 1 Chronicles 14:2 And David perceived that the Lord had confirmed him over Israel, for his kingdom was lifted up on high, because of his people Israel. How did David know? There is a hearing and knowing of Faith. 📜The month of September is the month of UPLIFTING. 📜There is an uplift for the ministry, family, church, business and everything that concerns you this September. 📜You respond to God now. In your Spirit you going to be standing strong . Worship him and praise him now. #wec #prayingnow #thanksgiving

Welcome! Welcome!! Welcome!!! To our month of Uplifting! Shout Gloryyyyy!!! Uplifting for the ministry, your church, family, everything that concerns you! My month of uplifting! Thank you dear Holy Spirit!


Higher Life Conference. Ghana Date: 25th October,2019. Confirmed Sealed Delivered. #ThisIsIt.

Updated his profile photo

Happening Now Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris SA Zone 2 South Group

Updated his profile photo

Happy new month of uplifting! higher and higher we go. Its glory to glory to glory!!!

Septembre mon glorieux moi d'Elevation. De gloire en gloire merci seigneur.

Higher Life Conference Ghana with Pastor Chris #ThisIsIt

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