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Happy birthday Ma, thank you ma for what you do for us in the staff community and in the ministry at large. It's from glory to glory. I love you plentyyyyyyyy ma

Happy birthday Ma, thank you

Blessed with all spiritual blessings from Heaven. I am chosen to be Holy and blameless. Predestinated Unto Sonship. Indued with Special Favours & Honour. Riddance. Remission of Sins. In Christ I have Obtained An Inheritance. # 7UpliftingFacts of Life in Christ # M Of Uplifting


"He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God" Romans 4:21 Abraham really showed out with His faith. Guy, this man was truly uplifted in the spirit. GLORY TO GOD. #LiftChallenge #MonthofUplift #CEScarborough #CECanada

Glory Glory. I pray with my emotions involved. That's why I expect results after I pray and it always happens #liftchallenge #monthofupliftment

Eternal life brings agelessness. I only add years to my life but I do not age. šŸ’ƒšŸ’ƒ Iā€™m slaying and aglow for the gospel till the end šŸ˜‰#LiftChallenge #MonthofUplifting

The Holy Spirit has the right people at the right places to help me even if they dont want to. #Holy Spirit and You

Love is a choice and choosing to love is choosing to be like God. #monthofuplifting #liftchallenge

True success depends primarily on your relationship with the Holy Spirit. #monthofuplifting #liftchallenge

Happy birthday Pastor Ma'am . Thank you for impacting my life soecially. I love you dearly Ma'am

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