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EVERY TEEN A FIRST AIDER TRAINING DAY 2 AT CEC NSS ZONE 1 TEENS CAMP Every Teens a first Aider training is an initiative under the Β Child Safety Awareness Campaign designed to train and equip teens on first aid, how to respond effectively to emergency ,enabling them to provide first aid and CPR when the need arises. #lwteensministry #CEBAYELSA #NSSZONE1 #tcif

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Oh glorious things are spoken of us. It's here, happening live and direct. #RnB @progressp #Randburg2Chuch

I-TESTIFY BIBLE PARTNERSHIP TESTIMONY FROM BRO UGO NWACHUKWU, CE Olodi Church, Okumagba group. "Some changes have been going on for sometime now at my workplace. Management decided to lay some Staff members off. And it came to my knowledge that my name was in the list. Prior to this time I was supposed to give a particular amount I pledged for the Bibles. But the money was yet to come. So I asked someone to send me money though it was not the full sum. I sent it in as an instalment for the Bibles. The next week Monday I was summoned by a Panel and was told my name was enlisted on the list of those that are being laid off but they were excluding me from the list to go continue my job. I was so full of joy and I knew my seed for the Bibles was timely and I have my testimony! Praise God!!! #warriministrycentre

Esther was unqualified, but found favor with the King. These remaining days of September shall be GREAT days of uplifting and Miracles

Former Israeli ambassador: Why we have to prepare for war and peace Israeli forces are on high alert after members of the Iran-backed Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah launched anti-tank rockets at a military post and vehicle along the border. Israel responded by firing 100 mortar rounds into Lebanon. At the same time, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is purportedly urging President Donald Trump not to negotiate with Iran.

Finally, Heinz is teaching us how to pour ketchup correctly Heinz ketchup was first introduced in 1876, which means we've endured almost 150 years of shaking, rattling, knife-poking and centrifuge in futile attempts to get that sweet tomato nectar out of the darn bottle.

HEY!! My KingsChat worked just at the right time for you to Join Me Tomorrow for This Pioneering Seminar... πŸ’₯The Future of Our TomorrowπŸ’₯ Presented By #LoveworldNext UKZN4 Delegates @ndubuisib @F.T #MonthOfUplifting #ImNext @pstuche

Pastor @pdaisy ministering now. #cemafoluku #Mafolukuisrich #CELZ1ROCKS #prosperouswomen #womensconvention #celagoszone1

Pastor @pdaisy ministering now. #cemafoluku #Mafolukuisrich #CELZ1ROCKS #prosperouswomen #womensconvention #celagoszone1

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