Rhapsody Mary Jane Beatrice Palmer : Essex Group...number ONE Group in on KingsChat Web

Essex Group...number ONE Group in our #UKZONE2 Hallelujah!

Essex Group...number ONE Group in Essex Group...number ONE Group in Essex Group...number ONE Group in

In the concluding session of Faith Convention, The Man of God declared to the congregation, "The future belongs to you" He further admonished that all you need to do is respond to God. When the word puts a demand on you, respond. When God makes a demand of you, He has something greater for you. The power of fulfillment is in the instruction you are given. Harken- hear to do. Money in the hand of a christian is money for the gospel. Several as in the previous meeting, responded in faith to the call for big time partnership in propagating the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Man of God launched them into a glorious 30 Days of Harvest. Indeed testimonies will abound. #faithconvention #ceoshogbogroup #swz2 #swreg

Happy birthday Power deacon Charles of the most high God.Thank you for all you do in the house of God and in our great Zone.I love your passion. Keep generating the power, that all will come to your light and give glory to God.I love you

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Today!! #UKZONE2 #LWESSEXGROUP #LWNORWICH Accelerated Metamorphosis in ESSEX GROUP. Number ONE Group in #UKZONE2

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Reach out Nigeria Launch. 3million copies. Yes we can #ceamc

My beautiful,loving sister... Its 4yrs ago yesterday, I miss you always. Look at me now............BB!!!... I love you and I am more and more what you said I could be... Thank you for loving the way you... Rest on.... We will meet again and we will part no more.

Could these sunglasses be a perfect replacement for our Headphones? They are called BOSE AUDIO SUNGLASSES, comes with built in speakers. #innovate #inspire #ideate

(1) Develop Your Mind For as he thinketh in his heart ,so is he...(Proverbs 23:7) Through the word you develop excellence and the thought process of a champion. Realize that you are what you think. #liftchallenge #my month of uplifting CE WESTRAND ZONE 2

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