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📺Monday Motivation 📺 Begin your week with a dose of the word. Learn more about the effect of speaking in tongues as you watch this excerpt of Pastor Chris teaching. #lwsocialtv #loveworldsat #loveworldnetworks

Evangelism for Night of Bliss IguobaZuwa. #nobiguobazua #withpastormaryowase #cenudwestzone #textilemillgroup

"Your life should be a FIREPLACE" - 4 Important Viirtues #LiftChallenge #MonthOfUplifting

✨BLW Zone J Organizes Water Baptism to Conclude T.I.E. Conference Several were gloriously baptized as the conference rounded up on a very high note. Indeed, glory has increased in the church. Hallelujah!! #blwzonej #tieconference #tieconferencemidwestnigeria #tieconference2019 #blwcampusministryrocks

There's a mentality you have as a child of God. It is not trying to do, or be. You are. This is what the word of God does for you, it makes you what it talks about. This is the mindset of the righteous,Pastor teaches, in the wisdom of the just. #liftChallenge #Monthofuplifting

SOUL WINNING IS FUN - Take a glimpse 👇👇 Excited, joyous and zealous ambassadors in Norway stormed the streets of Oslo to carry out God's number one business - soul winning. They preached the Gospel with gusto as they led several people to Christ. They also seized the opportunity to give all the people they impacted copies of our messenger angel to help guide their daily walk with God. It was indeed fun winning souls! #GYLFNORWAY #GYLF

Confirmed!!!!!! #Thisisit #Onenightofblessings #1NOBwithpastorchris #Ceaccraghazone #cesunyani

The beauty of God is my life my joy my happiness thank you Lord Jesus for uplifting me and everything around me.. #I worship your lord#

ROR ONE NAME FOR GOD However, in the New Testament, He revealed Himself in the Name, Jesus! The Bible says the totality of divinity resides in Jesus Christ (Colossians 2:9). This is the Name that’s been given to us to live by. Read full ROR 👇❤🙏

Night of Bliss IguobaZuwa with Pastor Mary Owase. Gloryyy! #nobiguobazuwa #withpastormaryowase #cenudwesrzone #cetextilemillgroup

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