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Updated his profile photo

I CELEBRATE AN EXEMPLARY LUMINARY. Esteemed Group Pastor Belema Ekine. I celebrate a lifter of men Representative of the body of Christ A power house of CEtown1 church. Thank you pastor for your love for Christ and service to our man of God. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR I LOVE YOU.

Success is having these 3 important factors ☀Success is Relevance: Connected to the matter at hand, the agenda, important to the agenda. Remember the Bible says God is unwilling to do without a cheerful, joy, prompt to do it giver! The first thing you need to be relevant is availability. God only speaks to the man who cares. You can be relevant and not make impact! ☀☀Success is Impact: Effectiveness that affects the direction or quality or state of what you're doing i.e. you become relevant to affect the direction of the matter at hand. We are for Impact! Its not enough to be a part of the body of Christ! What are you doing to bring people in???! ☀☀Success is Influence: By the reason of the first two factors you've become influential! The ability to hold sway in people decisions and alter life choices. We would redefine and influence the definition of the Worship of God!! #zonalrhapathon #rhapsodyofrealities #excerpts #liftchallenge #cephzone1 #phenomenallife #peeay #peeayforever

A father, a coach, a mentor that causes fire to engulf the bones of the brethren. I celebrate your birthday in advance. #REVKEN918 #CEBRAMPTONWESTNO1 #CECANADA

Glory to God, hallayah

Soul winning is God's number one job and there's nothing as vital in the kingdom of God as the winning of souls. #litechallenge #monthofuplifting #jointhischariot #CEAVZ

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Midweek Service Special The word by Pastor Solomon Leo The word is life to those that find it. The word is to be found. It is your desire to find the word that drives you to church. When you guard your heart you will act differently and this can only be possible when you give attention to the word. Lot made the choice he did because of what was in his heart. When the word of God is in you, you will live beyond what you can see; because what you see is subject to change. The entrance of God's word gives you light and grants you understanding; this way, you can't make mistakes. Can a man live above mistakes? Yes! When the word of God guides you, your decisions are not going to be guided by your feelings or emotions. It is not possible for a man who is working under the influence of God's word to make mistakes. The word has the capacity to bring you back when you go off; but you have to have the word inside of you. Fellowship with the word until the word becomes real to you. When you are conscious of what the word says about any matter that concerns you it becomes real and this builds your faith from Glory to glory. When you joke, you joke the word. I live by the word, i talk the word, I become the word. All you do should be guided by the word. When you have too much knowledge, all is vanity but not with the word; it makes you a master of life. You can't go wrong with the word. When the word shines negativity disappears. #ceabakaliki

Happy Birthday dearest Pastor Osezele! You're a burning and shining light. Thank you for being so large hearted! Thank you for being a blessing to my Regional Pastor. I love you .... #cebayelsa #nssr loves you

#2019 -moving onto #greatergrace #differentLevels

September curriculum is loaded..our children will never be the same.thank you #loveworldchildrenschurch! #cesazone3 #cezambia #cekitwe #raisingchampions

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