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Celebrating a great woman of God with a big heart for God, the brethren and his work. An inspiration to us in the Canada region. I love you Pastor Ma. #cecanada

Celebrating a great woman of
Margaret the Light


Happy birthday of upliftment Pastor, i join the men and host of heaven to celebrate you. It is grace heaped upon grace for you.



Happy Birthday Pastor !! GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

Celebrating a loving Father...We love you Sir! #RevKen918 #Canada #CECanada #CEStCatharines

Happy birthday to our dearest Pastor Cynthia. We love you Pastor Ma. #0912 #cecalgary #cecanadaregion

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100 reasons why I ❤ PY D'blessed & D' Great ---> 3 She is such an encourager. She pushes others to greatness #PstYinka0912 #PstYinka #CEScarborough #CEScarboroughGroup #TheElite

i don't want to think of a life without the holy-ghost, i just can't imagine such empty life without the holy-ghost.

Money is comfortable around me. Money calls me by name. I'm a money magnet Money journeys towards me. When money needs someone to talk to, it locates me When money needs peace, it looks for me in the name of Jesus #Liftchallenge #MonthOfLifting #EWCAZ4 #CEBAMENDA1TeensChurch

RLM TEAM A HQ in a Holy Rendevousz #rormanagerspray #RLMteamA #Uplifingprayers

WIN 3k AIRTIME AND DATA CHALLENGE. How to participate: 1. See the image for the question. 2. Answer the question correctly and we will immediately notify you how to receive your 3k airtime and data. 3. Note that only the first to get the answer correctly gets the price. 3. Type your answer in the comment box. Day 1: Thursday Sept 12th 2019

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how can you be a choir leader without the holy-ghost

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