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👉Program Alert🔥🚶🚶🏻‍♀🕺🔥 #PraisePee #PastorPraiseAloaye👇

👉Program Alert🔥🚶🚶🏻‍♀🕺🔥 #PraisePee #PastorPr
Pst walter Egerega



Laurentta Governor


Gloryyyy... I'm single and I keep glowing💃💃💃💃

I'm the righteous, no corrupt communication proceeds from my mouth, only that which edifies and ministers grace, hallelujah!!! #upliftingchallenge #monthofuplifting #Today'sRhapsody #CEBarkingUKR2Z4

Happy birthday to me. Thank you Lord for you made my life so beautifull.. I am a blessing to my world. I am uplifted.

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The one who is caught lying to his friend and says, “I didn’t mean it, I was only joking,” can be compared to a madman randomly shooting off deadly weapons. Proverbs 26:18‭-‬19 TPT #liftchallenge #monthoflifting #CEAMC

The angels rejoice for the day I was born, yet rejoice for everyday I am ministering to me is their pleasure#liftchallenge #monthofuplifting

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Darkness and all of its forces and influences have no dominion over me so I am not afraid of evil because I am a child of God and I live in the kingdom of light #monthofuplifting #liftchallenge #ceaccraghanazone

THE GLOBAL ONLINE VIEWERS' AND LISTENERS' NETWORK CONFERENCE!!! …Nineteen, ninety-SEVEN I still the DAY REMEMBER Some may say it was about ELEVEN But it was exactly 9am, a SATURDAY in DECEMBER   “We don’t beg in the Name of Jesus; rather we make demands in His Name…” …were some of the words that echoed that day on DBN Television, in Lagos Nigeria. It was the beginning of new beginnings, the dawn of a new DAY and the launch of the God-WAY LIGHT has come and the NIGHT was gone, Jesus had begun entering into every home…   From DBN Lagos in 1997 to ITV Benin in 1998 and NTA Port Harcourt and Calabar in 1999 Though at the time, only a country still taken, our target was the whole world… And in 2001, the first international program aired on TBN & Zion TV Togo A WAR had BEGUN…not a WAR to be fought with a GUN   But a global INVASION into every NATION through TELEVISION had become the VISION And we weren’t going to tolerate any LIMITATION. Hope had to be restored to the HOPELESS, the weak had to live a life that’s PAINLESS It had to be a love so BOUNDLESS so faith could be stirred in the hearts of the FAITHLESS Yes it was a SUCCESS and the journey has been ENDLESS. Join us as we chronicle the impact of TV and Radio transmission of our Man of God Pastor Chris, from different countries of the world. Date: 19th of October, 2019. Venue: Online #GOVLNC #LTMNetworks

Never say anything against your life or your body. You may not mean what you say but it will happen. Mark 11:23 says, "you shall have what you say". God bless you. #liftchallenge #monthofuplifting #CEAccraGhanaZone #CEAdenta1

Happy Belated Birthday Sir. Have a glorious year of lights full of excellence,glory,virtue and grace.Heko!!!! #CEMombasa. #Sikunjemayakuzaliwa .

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