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All I see is Limitlesssss is all for the Father!! Gloryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy #Limitless2 #blwukzonea #winningeveryday

All I see is the might Angels of the Father!! Gloryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy #Limitless2 #blwukzonea #winningeveryday

All I see is the liquid love of the Father!! Gloryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy #Limitless2 #blwukzonea #winningeveryday

The times are changing, but one thing is always the same. The young people are the future. Make them good, the future will be good, make them bad... Young people, this is the place to be... #youngstudentswhoarecalledintoministry #blwzonej

Don't take up the attitude of Haaman that was full of wrath.If for example someone doesn't greet you it doesn't make you less than who you are instead go ahead and greet them anyway be nice.Don't care about trivial things.' Sep bible study #challenger #monthofuplifting2019

Can a count up be done. Oh Yes! It's 65 hours 19 mins to go.. #youngstudentswhoarecalledintoministry #blwzonej

The amazing Grace or our Lord Jesus Christ, the extravagant Love of God and the intimate Friendship of the Holy Spirit be with you...! #LiftChallenge #MonthofUplifting!


GLOBAL HOSPITAL OUTREACH EXPLOITS #GHOW #CEONITSHAZONE OVER 200 HOSPITALS VISITED!!! MORE THAN 6,000 COPIES OF OUR MINISTRY MATERIALS DISTRIBUTED!!! HUNDREDS OF SOULS WON!!! Special congratulations to all our awesome #lmms partners in CE Onitsha Zone for making the Global Hospital Outreach Week a tremendous success! For more information on how to participate, visit www.volunteermedicalcorps.org/ghow Don't forget to follow this Superuser and like and share this post. #turnonthelights #wec2019

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