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This is to specially wish you an Uplifting Birthday Sir, you have been an inspiration and a symbol of humility to me and many others.In this new season and time, the Lord shall grant you the desires of your heart and fullness of Joy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR!

This is to specially wish

Happy birthday Pastor Gold. Daughter of consolation full of grace and splendour. Precious daughter of our MOG Pastor Chris. Thank you for bringing me to Christ Embassy where my life has been given a meaning. I am so grateful to you. Keep shining keep flourishing. Enjoy ur day. ❤️💖

On today's edition of Insight with Pastor Mercy, we'll be taking a look at "Imbibing & Reviving the Reading Culture" with distinguished panel of discussants. Showing today on Loveworld Plus by 12 noon(GMT+1). You can also watch previous episodes on Loveworld Plus Web TV via

Mercedes is the latest carmaker that wants in on e-scooters Micromobility is more than just jargon for electric scooters, e-bikes, and even electric skateboards. It's a way to keep customers brand loyal even if they've ditched the car.  That's why Mercedes-Benz is the most recent big-name car manufacturer to build its own electric scooter, the ultimate micromobility product. At the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany last week, the German company slipped in this nugget: As part of its EQ electric vehicle "family," the two-wheeled battery-powered device would be added as the newest member. It includes the same EQ branding as Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Coming in early 2020, the scooter was one of many accessory announcements, like toy cars and headphones, separate from any auto news.   Read more...More about Mercedes Benz, E Scooters, Tech, and Transportation

Cirque du Soleil's high tech fits make customizable cocktails The outfits were built to make custom-made cocktails and fragrances. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Nyfw, Cirque Du Soleil, Future Blink, and Tech

U.S. Senators grill Facebook, Google, and Twitter on extremist content Google, Facebook, and Twitter were all once again on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, this time for a hearing on violent online extremism. The hearing, titled Mass Violence, Extremism, and Digital Responsibility, was held by the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. Senators questioned representatives from the three major tech companies to find out what they’re doing to combat and remove violent extremist content from their platforms.  On the same day as the Senate hearing, the Washington Post obtained a copy of a draft bill in the House that would create a “national commission” to oversee harmful internet content. The bill, if passed, would create a commission to study “the ways social media could be weaponized.” The commission, which would be part of the Department of Homeland Security, would also have the ability to hold hearings and subpoena tech companies. Read more...More about Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube, and Congressional Hearing

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Happy birthday dearest Sir! Thank you for your kindness through the years and your ever listening ears...💖

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