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WHY ARE WE EXISTING??? •Psalm 82:6 ye are gods, subjected to GOD; 1 way a baby god needs to be trained is to pass through LIFE pressures and challenges.

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3) HE THAT EAT, SHALL LIVE FOREVER •You doubt there is another LIFE after here •You call the Bible another "History book" •You say there is no GOD YET the answer to all "Mankind's questions" is in the BIBLE. WHY ARE WE EXISTING??? •Psalm 82:6 #Liftchallenge #Ziduak #Truth

A date with Destiny is happening on the 5th of October with Our Highly Esteemed CMD. Pray concerning the meeting, participate in publicity, but most of all, come. #datewithdestiny #blwcampusministryrocks #cmdisfire #blwzonej

•2 Timothy 2:15(KJV) This world (Earth) is a training ground, a place where selection of SOULS that are to live forever is done. So go through LIFE pressures and challenges "Stand, Live, Do, Act, React' TRUTH don't chicken out, giving in to Lie and giving up on TRUTH.

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•1 Corinthians 15:51-55 HE THAT EAT SHALL LIVE FOREVER Only the body shall change, the Soul and Spirit live forever; so Life continue's forever. This world (Earth) is temporal and is collapsing gradually. Confess JESUS CHRIST as LORD over your Soul and LIVE FOREVER. #Liftchalenge

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