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It's just 6 days left to go. Come one come all. The Lord is set for you, are you also ready? In case you are not registered to attend yet, click on: bit.ly/tesuleja #Totalexp #ceaz #cesuleja1 #v3000

It's just 6 days left
perpetua Igwe Chu



Happy Birthday Dearest Esteemed Pastor Bisola. Thank you for being so fantastic and inspiring. I love you.

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“For I will give you a mouth and a wisdom...” (Luke 21:15) We have learnt from Pastor that we can chart a course that we will follow. So with the wisdom of God (word) on you lips, you can lift yourself up and stay up. #liftchallenge #Cetxzone2

2days to go! #RenaissancePDD #PDDInspires #LGNrules #0925

Foundation school graduands

2days to go! #RenaissancePDD #PDDInspires #LGNrules #0925

The bread is symbolic of the Word of God that He gives us, which we, in turn, should “give” or share to others. As we distribute the bread (the Word), as we share the Gospel with others, and bring more souls to the Kingdom, there’s multiplication. #liftchallenge #MonthofUplifting

Foundation school graduand

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