Pastor Ose Oyakhilome: Happy Birthday Pastor Rhoda. Welcome on KingsChat Web

Happy Birthday Pastor Rhoda. Welcome to an excellent & extraordinary year of Bliss. The beauty & glory of God has increased in ur life. Nations have come to the brightness of ur rising. U will celebrate More and more grace. I love you dearly & celebrate u with joy. 😘😘😘🥁🥁💃🎈

Happy Birthday Pastor Rhoda. Welcome Happy Birthday Pastor Rhoda. Welcome Happy Birthday Pastor Rhoda. Welcome
Bukelwa Mdleleni.The Anointed One


Happy birthday Pastor Ma. I love you so Dearly

Exceptional PRHODA


Thank you so much ma

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Our struggle to make ourselves great is useless. Learn the value of his own praise in your live. Learn the value of his own acceptance. If God has accepted you, it doesn't matter who doesn't. #attitude #liftchallenge #monthofuplifting

#prayingnow #nobphzone3 #nobprayathon #staffblossomcell

I am living the supernatural life naturally... In the Name of Jesus.. #liftchallenge

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La colère défigure votre beauté en Esprit. Alors chassez la colère. Manifestez toujours la joie du Seigneur, car la joie du Seigneur est votre force. #theliftchallenge #monthofuplifting #ewcazone2 #cetogo2

🎂Happy 50th Birthday!🎂 A hearty congratulations & celebration of an outstanding golden jubilee and happy uplifting birthday of my loving, caring, adorable, elegant and darling wifey, Sis. Esiri Okagbare. You are truly a gift from God & a blessing to us & your generation!

Happy Birthday to my creamy, As you mark this special day, I pray that you will continue to love God more and serve him like never before, that your zeal for God will increase more and more, in this month of Uplifting your life and vision will be upgraded like never before. AMEN

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🎂Happy 50th Birthday Sis. Esiri Okagbare!🎂 Today and always, we celebrate an Icon of God's general, your exemplary leadership, exceptional personality, and your extraordinary passion for the work of the ministry. We love you loads!❤❤🎂🎂🍾🍾

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