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Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

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Happy Birthday Bro Tonyo!Our exceptionally graced,amiable and energetic Chaplain.Thank you for all you do for the progress and impact of the zone and the staff community.Of your increase there shall be no end.Have a great year.I love you.#cemidwestzone

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Bernie Sanders doesn't mince words about the Trump impeachment inquiry Senator Bernie Sanders thinks the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump needs to move fast. The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate appeared for his ninth interview on The Late Show Thursday, and talked about the Ukraine scandal surrounding the president. "Donald Trump is probably the most corrupt president in the modern history of this country," Sanders said. "He is really an embarrassment to our country, and let's get moving on the impeachment. "This is an outrage on top of an outrage," he added. "This has taken millions of people to say, you know what? Enough is enough with this guy." Read more...More about Ukraine, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Stephen Colbert, and Trump http://feeds.mashable.com/~r/Mashable/~3/z1x9AoOJlgc/

'American Dreamer' is here to ruin Jim Gaffigan for you The following is spoiler-free.  If good entertainment takes your emotions for a walk, then American Dreamer is the Olympic steeplechase — or the 400 meter hurdles, if the hurdles were on fire. Overwrought with queasy panic, Derrick Borte's crime thriller arrived in theaters for a limited release last week to muted fanfare. The film chronicles the dangerous unraveling of one man against the backdrop of an unforgiving city, similar to the Safdie brothers' underappreciated Good Time. It's an uncomfortable watch, but worth every minute. Jim Gaffigan (aka comedy's favorite father of five) stars as Cam, a family man-turned-kidnapper. Laid off from his job as a tech specialist, Cam is introduced as an unlucky victim of a churning economy, forced to take on the thankless job of rideshare driving to pay alimony and child support to his ex-wife.  Read more...More about Entertainment, Jim Gaffigan, Watch Of The Week, American Dreamer, and Entertainment http://feeds.mashable.com/~r/Mashable/~3/Sk3O_gquaMU/

DAY2 (PhotoGallery) 2 DAYS OF GLORY in Congo Brazzaville With The Highly Esteemed Pastor Akin Oketunji. #2DaysofGlory #cecongobrazzaville #ewcaz4


Become more conscious of the God life in you, and give expression to your divine nature in Christ #liftchallenge #Monthofuplifting Thank you Pastor sir

Your Need Triggers Your Faith Let Your Need Connect to your Faith Let your need excite you When you connect to your need, you overwhelm your need by your faith

#prayingnow #nobph2019 #nobphz3prayathon #D/linegroup #Rumuibekwe #PaceSetters

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