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HAPPENING NOW: TESTIMONIES AT THE GLOBAL MIRACLE FAITH SEMINAR Faith stirring testimonies as several people share about the miracles that happened in their lives when they came to the Healing School. Able to dance and run and sing again, Portia Addo who was healed of severe fractures sustained from a skiing accident says, ā€œI see life very differently now that Iā€™m healed. I have the life of God in me now.ā€ Keep watching. Be blessed as you join in now: #CEkenyaZone #healingtothenations #GMFS

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I'm watching Live from South Africa #gmfs2019

Jesus is still working miracles today, through us! #MiracleFaithSeminar #gmfs #CENungua

Children winning souls and leading them to Christ #warriministrycenter #wmcsoulwinningday #everyonesoulwinner #odubigroup #cejeddo #childrenchurch

Let EVERY moment count with your fans from a global stand point! GoLive and enjoy Seamless Stream on CeFlix @ ZERO cost. Get it Now šŸ‘‡ Andriod Download Link: Apple Download Link:

RON 2019: LIGHT OF HOPE A special call from the Ogboni people. Watch this.

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HAPPENING IN CELVZ ~ FRIENDS UNFORGETTABLE OUTREACH Joy To The World It's Friends Unforgettable 0utreach Still On Going All Over The City & Beyond #celvz #FriendsUnforgettableOutreach #REACHOUTNIGERIA2019 #VERSION2.0ACCELERATED

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