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One of you shall chase a thousand, two of you ten thousand... 1 million copies of Rhapsody of Realities is a done deal SEVZ2 #lightofhope #RON2019 #ceasaba #sevz2 #ilovemypastor #pastorafolabiflows #spiritinmotion THE GLORY OF THE LATTER HOUSE

One of you shall chase One of you shall chase

It’s the pastors responsibility to teach the brethren on how to respond to hearing from God

.....reflected in life,reflected on the outward expression.ln other words,it is the outworking of an inward influence.Divine, that means it's got to do with Deity. #liftChallenge #monthofuplifting

Updated her profile photo

.....abound towards you,but then he says for you to give increase to it.ln other words,grow in it,in the grace that God has given to you.The word grace comes from a Greek word charis.Grace actually refers to the divine influence on the heart.... #liftChallenge #monthofuplifting

Congratulations to us egbe group .always the best #lagzone2 #CElagzone2

Happy birthday dearest. Remain ageless and enjoy your life in abundance 🥰💕

Don’t you know that your bodies are the members of Christ and it’s infused with life through and through But if you don’t know, you will live like someone who does not have eternal life Romans 8:11

This is one of the many reasons He impressed it upon me to write"HOW TO PRAY EFFECTIVELY" and share with you some vital truths and principles of effective prayer.The Holy Spirit has an intercessory ministry which He carries out through believers. #liftChallenge #monthofuplifting

It's getting bigger!! Global teens induction service with the highly esteem zonal pastor..pst Mary Owase... #cemidwe

3DAYS OF ILLUMINATION!!!. 27th-29th Sept., 2019. LOMÉ, TOGO. DAY 3 (MORNING) PICTORIAL REPORT -1. ‘Intentions are not enough, your association can defeat your intentions. If all your friends are poor, you may become like them’. 3Days of illumination- Lomé, 🇹🇬. #3daysofillumination #daysofillination #ewcazone2 #ewcaz2

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