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ROR Bible+ - The Bible Meets Web 3.0 --------------------------------- The Bible enjoys the distinction of being the most read book in history. It contains satisfying answers to life’s deepest questions and reveals divine truths about God’s desire, His plan and purpose for you as an individual and for mankind in general. Johann Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1450. Four years later, he printed the first copy of the Bible using this new moveable type system. This accomplishment began what is known as “The Age of the Printed Book.” Over the following centuries, this technological advancement revolutionized the surrounding culture by making it possible for the Bible to be accessible to nearly everyone. In today's world, did you know that with each new update of certain Bibles or Bible Apps, some verses of the scriptures are removed? Did you know that some of the truth of God’s Word is sometimes sacrificed on the altar of wrong translations? Are we going to sit by and watch this continue? Never! It’s a proven law of nature problems always gravitate towards their solutions. Thanks be unto God who has made us - in the LoveWorld Nation- creators, problem solvers and solution providers to our world. Today, yet another solution has been birthed; fresh out of the LoveWorld Nation to the rest of the world. This revolution is at the center of what is called “Web 3.0.” It promises to deliver the constructive POWER (of God’s word & the internet) to the hands of users. We are working on several initiatives to leverage this revolution in our efforts to making men ardent unapologetic disciples and ambassadors of Jesus Christ; taking due possessions of their inheritance in Christ. It is, therefore, with a great sense of joy, accomplishment and anticipation of its immense benefits & global impact that we present to you this wonderful & novel electronic Bible app - ROR Bible+! It is a revolutionary app & disruptive innovation with tools and features set to cause a dramatic change in the way the Word of God is adopted, used and interacted with in our time.  "It is our prayer that the Word of God herein will dwell in you richly; that it will become a cherished possession you’ll use to deepen your knowledge and understanding of God’s inerrant Word and intensify your personal relationship with the sovereign God of the universe. May the truths contained in this precious book be made alive in your heart by the Holy Spirit and enrich your life." – Rev (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome DSc. DD. CONNECT WITH ROR Bible+ ● Follow us on KC SuperUser Space – Launch the SuperUser Menu & tap on “Follow”  ● Get more about ROR Bible+ Online: https://www.rorbible.plus ● Keep current on our blog: https://blog.rorbible.plus ● Contact support from inside the ROR Bible+ App or email hello@rorbible.plus Please feel free to add your testimonies and comments below.   LIKE and SHARE this post with friends & your contacts! Thanks for choosing ROR Bible+! Read. Study. Meditate. Triumph.

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Tosin Praize


Studying God's word become easier with rorbible.plus...Thank you Pastor Sir.

Sister Gloria



TLB..the light of Bayelsa 👑



Okolie Edwina


Woooooooow!!! Gloorrrrrrrrrry!!!!

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Am so excited. Cant wait. #celz1rocks #celz1ronconcert #CEIfako #CEI2Group

Reaching Out on Oct 1st... Thank you Pastor for this great opportunity! #ron2019 #cebayelsa #reachoutnigeria2019 #executivegroup

Dance Dance and we keep Dancing #celz1rocks #CEI2Group #CEIfako #celz1ronconcert

Watch the Pro Trump smart kid. Her communication is really not far from that of Donald Trump. What do you think? #innovate #inspire #ideate

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#cc2 peeps! Welldone on your distribution! Impact all the way... #ron2019 #cebayelsa #reachoutnigeria2019 #executivegroup

#celz1rocks #CEI2Group #CEIfako #celz1ronconcert

Happy birthday to our dearest Son, Munachi! You are growing up in increased grace, wisdom and knowledge. Many more glorious years ahead. I love you dearly. God bless you richly. #0310 #cedartford #UKR2Z3

#cc2 Welldone on your distribution! Impact all the way... #ron2019 #cebayelsa #reachoutnigeria2019 #executivegroup

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