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PCDL Testimony!!! A lady at Group Christian Medical Centre Warri, was excited on having the PCDL App. She subscribed and was already listening to the message Attitude before we left the Medical Centre. Glory to God! #MMTCelebration #Pastorchrisismyteacher #thankyoupastorchris

PCDL Testimony!!! A lady at PCDL Testimony!!! A lady at PCDL Testimony!!! A lady at PCDL Testimony!!! A lady at PCDL Testimony!!! A lady at


Waooo ! Gloryyy to God!

May Ogedegbe Jarikpe



Ruramai Museba


Glory to God

Ever bubbling with joy, and the liquid love of God. An ardent follower of our regional Pastor, Pastor Aloy and Man of God, Pastor Chris. #PBS1003

Gripping 'Richard Jewell' trailer eyes the suspect of the '96 Atlanta bombing A bomb was set to go off in Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta in the summer of 1996. A security guard named Richard Jewell found a backpack with three pipe bombs inside and helped clear out the massive crowd, saving countless lives from the blast. Richard Jewell, starring Paul Walter Hauser and directed by Clint Eastwood, tells the story of how Jewell became the prime suspect of the bombing, accused by the government of planting the bomb to make himself look like the hero. The trailer is pretty intense and looks at how both the power of the government and media can sway public opinion.  Richard Jewell, also starring Sam Rockwell, comes to theaters Dec. 13. Read more...More about Trailer, Richard Jewell, Entertainment, and Movies Tv Shows https://mashable.com/video/richard-jewell-trailer/

10 subtle Marvel gifts for fans who know what's up Everyone's a Marvel fan these days, but we've all got that friend who loves it 3000. You know the one – the friend who's watched the movies and read the comics, who can identify a logo from a mile away and speaks in quotes you don't even pick up on half the time. When gifting that friend, you have to go the extra mile; simply a branded tee from an official store won't cut it. Here's a list of subtle yet fantastically nerdy Marvel gifts for the big fans in your life. This cross-stitched patch It's only gross if you think about it, and even then it's still cute!Image: courtesy of stringsandneedle / etsy Read more...More about Entertainment, Movies, Marvel, Merchandise, and Gift Guide 2019 https://mashable.com/article/subtle-marvel-gifts-guide/

Just when you thought there was nothing else to leak, the Google Pixel 4 spec sheet shows up Many phones have been called the "most leaked device ever" — last year's Pixel phones are a good example —  but surely that honor now belongs to Google's Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.  More than a month before the official unveiling on Oct. 15, we already knew what the phones look like and a lot about what their cameras can do. But somehow, more info keeps trickling in, and now, 9to5Google has scored an official-looking, complete spec sheet for both phones.  Here's what it says.  Both the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, 6GB of RAM, 64/128GB of storage, a dual, 12/16-megapixel camera, stereo speakers, face unlocking capabilities, and Android with guaranteed three years of updates.  Read more...More about Google, Google Pixel 4 Xl, Google Pixel 4, Tech, and Smartphones https://mashable.com/article/google-pixel-4-spec-sheet-leak/

Climate change protesters spray 1.8K litres of fake blood at government building A crimson stream of fake blood was fired through by activists at the UK's Treasury building in Westminster, London, on Thursday morning, all in the name of action on climate change. Protesters representing activist group Extinction Rebellion's UK chapter used a repurposed fire hose from a disused fire engine for the act. The words "stop funding climate death" were emblazoned on a black banner pinned to the vehicle. SEE ALSO: More than 400 people arrested in climate change protest turning London's bridges into gardens Video footage shows an out-of-control hose snaking around on the ground pumping out 'blood' indiscriminately.  Read more...More about Uk, Activism, Climate Change, Social Good, and Climate Environment https://mashable.com/article/extinction-rebellion-treasury-building-london/

CE Ifako youth church reach out Nigeria #celz1rocks #celz1ronconcert #CEIfako #CEI2Group

MEET OUR MEGASTAR!!! Esteemed Pastor Deji Olubusi and our dear partners in BLW USA GROUP 3, thank you for your EXCEPTIONAL PARTNERSHIP with us, in the month of September, 2019! We love and appreciate you dearly! For more information on how to partner, kindly send us an Email @ cmpartnership@loveworld360.com; OR call +2348146954026. www.blwcampusministry.com #Blwcampusministryrocks #Megacampuscrusades #MCC4C #Adatewithdestiny #SMC #SuccessMotivation

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#celz1rocks #CEI2Group #CEIfako #celz1ronconcert

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