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Celebrating the World's Best and Greatest Teacher-Rev(Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome DSc, DD! We stand in honour today with the whole world and the LoveWorld Nation to celebrate our iconic and unparalleled Teacher of the Word! Thank you sir for your enduring, unsearchable and fathomless impact in our lives, the Body of Christ and the entire universe. Full of love, grace and the glory of God, you have not only taught and raised us in the path of true life and greatness, your teachings have made us the epitome of the Word. We are excellent, exceptional, full of faith and indomitable in our world today because of everything you have taught us and continue to teach us in the Word of God. Sir, we cherish, love and celebrate you today and always. Happy World's Teachers’ Day Sir! #MMTCelebration #pastorchrisismyteacher #ThankyouPastorChris

Celebrating the World's Best and Celebrating the World's Best and
Elizabeth Moyo


Pastor Sir you are the best teacher I have ever known thank you for your investment in me. I love you sir

Sharon K Zion


You have taught the sick into health, the poor into wealth, the weak into strength, the proud into humbleness, the lonely into fellowship, the shy ones into boldness, the low esteemed into highly esteemed. Thank you pastor sir for being the teacher you are..

Pastor George Gad


Thank you Pastor Chris for every teaching you gave it to me , you transformed my Life

Chidinma Elizabeth Mbamaonyeukwu 1


Dear Ministers of the Gospel around the World. How are you? Christ Embassy is aka BELIEVERS' Loveworld Nation NOT LOVEWORLD NATION as captured in the greeting card from ISM used in your post for the Man of God, Pastor Chris. The FORMER DIRECTOR of ISM, DEOLA OKEOWO(Philips) is a CONFIRMED LESBIAN and the name "LOVEWORLD NATION" is the name of her ministry with her lesbian partner YEMISI KUDEHINBU. They will be DISMISSED from The Believers' Loveworld Nation very shortly. Don't allow yourself to be misled. Stay in the word, protect your spirit and keep listening and following the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. God bless you.

PastorJudah kalinga


I celebrate you Pastor Sir , you are truly the worlds No. 1 Teacher of the word of God . Pastor Sir your teachings over the years have impacted my life and ministry in ways beyond my deepest imaginations . Thank you pastor sir for saying yes to this holy calling from our Master and saviour Jesus Christ . You have taught me how to be an effective minister of the Gospel. I love you sir .

Thobile Mogoma


Thank you for loving us sir,Im grateful to God for the day I come in contact with a page that was torn from a copy of ROR,I had given up on life but the message from that page alone made a huge impact in my life and my life has been changed for greatness.It is such an honour to be among those who are celebrating you. Thank Pastor Sir.

Pr. Robert Ssesanga


My teacher, my Mentor, my Lifecoach, I Celebrate you today. You're the best Teacher, I know, thank you for giving my life a meaning.

Athieno Eva


The best there is....Glory to God

Bukky Shines Ever So Brightly. IAmLight!


Thank you Holy Spirit. Thank you.

Pastor Emma Mukisa


Woooow what an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate God for His special Gift to us in the embodiment of our dear man of God! Pastor Sir, you reveal to me Jesus all the time. Talking of teaching, I remember when soldiers had been sent to capture our Lord and they first listened to what He was teaching. Their report was; no man ever speak like this man! That was my experience the first time I heard you teach and it has become my experience every time I sit under your teaching! The simplicity of the gospel is expressed through teaching and the Master comes to us again in His simplest form! Thank you Sir for opening our eyes to see through your teachings! Pastor Sir, I love you and celebrate you greatly! I am glad God loved me this much to meet you! Happy and blessed World's Teachers' Day to you my Best of the Best Teacher.

Evelyn Abotsi


#PastorChrisismyteacher #ThankyouPastorChris You order my steps and of my house to lead us back home. I love Sir! You continue to beauty my life from glory to glory. 😘😘

Patrience Waiwu


I Celebrate you Pastor Sir, you're the best.

Pastor Eric


I celebrate you Pastor sir. Thank you for Faithfully teaching us the word.

My life coach 🔥🔥🔥 You changed my mind, my life, my world! I love you BIG❤️ #MMTCelebration #PastorChrismyteacher #ThankyouPastorChris #EWCAZ2

My Teacher since 2003 when I joined ministry and His teachings have kept me grounded. #WorldTeachersDay #MMTCelebration #PastorChrisismyTeacher #ThankyouPastorChris #ILovePastorChris #BLWCentral #UKZone2

#greatteacher #proudstudent

Congratulations to Now, Mr and Mrs Jesse Onuoha on you wedding day. This is the beginning of greater things to come. I rejoice with you. Enjoy blissful years of marriage. #LCACHURCH6

#PastorChrismyteacher #mmtcelebration #ThankyouPastorChris #WEC2019 #worldevangelismwithPastorChris #ceonitshazone #ceozceos #ceozonalchurch

We celebrate today a global teacher and mentor. Thank you Pastor sir for your investment in us. We love you BIG. #celz1rocks #meetmyteacher #celz1ronconcert #AHG #ceijaiyeojokoro

CELEBRATING OUR HERO OF FAITH "Sir You have made the word of God become very real and practical to us, You have taught us how to love the Lord with so much intensity and passion, we are forever grateful for the gift of YOU Sir." #Cephzone2 #Oct5 #WTD

Today we join the Host of Haven as we celebrate a special Lady full of love and care and wisdom. Happy birthday Dearest Sis Ntsoaki... Of your increase there shall be no end. Keep shining

Happy Teachers Day. #teachersareheros #Childrenteachersrock #CENasarawateachersarethebest #PastorOmoourteacher

Meet the best Teacher in the world, with you teaching SIR, understanding is easy, you are my best teacher, the world's best teacher and l celebrate you today SIR. #mmtcelebration #pastorchrisismyteacher #myteachermyhero #thankyoupastorchris #cemidwestzone #ceekpanreal

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