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You never consider not giving of your repository of knowledge, yet you are always full of God's wisdom. Even the scholars of this world come to thy feet. #worldbestteacher #thankyousir #ilovemyteacher

You never consider not giving

Happy Teacher's Day to my amazing teacher and Mentor. Thank you so much Pastor Sir for training me in the way for the word. I love you so dearly. #cecanada #cebramptonwest

"In the Kingdom of God, words are things; there are like spiritual particles; spiritual substance and have spiritual tangibility. The only thing that can destroy or render a wrong word powerless is another word from you" -PCO #monthofuplifting #Liftchallenge #myexcellentteacher

My Father, Thank you for the tireless investment of God’s word. For giving me an understanding, identity & bringing me into God’s inheritance for me. Your words preserved my life, made me a champion, and now I do what I see my father do. ❤️ #MMT #MeetMyTeacher #WorldTeachersDay

Happy World Teacher's day to my Pastor, my lifetime teacher, a teacher of lights. Teacher of teachers with extraordinary amplitude of understanding and deep phronesis. Thank you immensely sir for your tutelage through the years. Thank you for your eternal investments in my life.❤

'STILL CELEBRATING THE WORLD'S BEST TEACHER - MY TEACHER... #MMTCelebration #Pastorchrisismyteacher #ThankyouPastorChris. #Abujazone

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#international Dayofthegirlchild #ceptagezina #childrensteensinnercity #klipgatforJesus

#Klipgat4Jesus #CEPTAGezina #girlchild Empowering girl child for brighter future.


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