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In God’s books, your life was written before you were born You don’t want to get to the Lord and find out that you lived your life different from the script that He wrote for you to live #mmtcelebration #thankyoupastorchris

In God’s books, your life

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Happy World Teachers Day to our Dear Man of God Pastor Chris #MyLifeCoach #MyMentor #MyTeacher #MyEverything #ThankyouPastor

I celebrate the world best teacher today, my father and teacher Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome, pastor you're Simply the Best!! Happy world Teachers Day Sir!!! #worldteacherday #pstchrisworldbestteacher


You can not find the will of God in any maths text book or any other books except from the word of God #mmtcelebration #thankyoupastorchris

Reaching out with our messenger angel Rhapsody of Realities in different languages.... RON2019 #ron2019 #cephmc #revray

Celebrating an exceptional teacher and global influencer; Rev(Dr.)Chris Oyakhilome Dsc. DD. You know you've been taught when the teaching becomes your mindset. This has been our daily experience. We are influenced daily by your words and deeds. Happy Teacher's Day Sir! You are our Hero. ............ Send in a video of you celebrating the greatest life coach ever, using the hashtag #pastorchrisismyteacher ...and we will play it LIVE on Loveworld Plus!

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TODAY WE CELEBRATE OUR NUMBER 1 AND THE WORLD'S BEST TEACHER, REV. (DR.) CHRIS OYAKHILOME DSc DD. Sir, our lives on set on a perpetual progressive path of glory because of your teachings. We are divinely endowed to win, we are ageless, we are agents of change, healers dispersing healing, associates of the God-kind, a Kinging Generation, Master Soul Winners, habitual givers, love talking champions..... We love you Sir. We are grateful to God for blessing us with a Teacher after His own heart. #pastorchrismyteacher #MMTCelebration #thankyoupastorchris

Get ready for Total experience Yaounde in Etoudi 19th October. #Pastor Regina#

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