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Thank you Pastor Sir for teaching me over the years, showing me the true essence and meaning of life. You taught me how to live and what to live for. You’ve truly given my life a meaning. I am eternally grateful to you Sir. Happy World Teachers’ Day Sir. I love you dearly Sir

Thank you Pastor Sir for Thank you Pastor Sir for Thank you Pastor Sir for

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Today I celebrate my Teacher extraordinaire! I celebrate an indefatigable teacher. My teacher who taught me the YES! YES!! Mindset. I am grateful to God for counting me worthy & giving me the best TEACHER & Mother. I love you exceedingly Pastor. #mmtcelebration #ceamadikalagbor

Celebrating the worlds greatest and best teacher/mentor/professor/instructor/life coach! Thank you Sir for teaching us to keep saying it at dont stop talking it! #MMTcelebration #meetmyteacher #thankyoupastorchris #cecanada #Cecalgarygroup

WE SALUTE AN EXTRAORDINARY AND EXEMPLARY TEACHER OF OUR TIME: REV.DR.CHRIS OYAKHILOME Dsc.DD 🌎🌍🌏 We are honored and privileged to celebrate an exemplary teacher and leader of our time; an oasis of wisdom and knowledge. We salute you Sir and thank you for the impeccable impact you have made in the lives of many around the world through your teachings. Thank you for your Sir. We love you dearly. #mmtcelebration #meetmyteacher #worldbestteacher #worldteachersday #loveworldsat #loveworldnetworks

...It makes no difference what your struggles in life have been; you can recreate your world, by your words... #RhapsodyToday, #LiftChallenge, #MonthOfUplifting

Happy Birthday Pastor Vanessa, I celebrate the Grace of God upon your life, your audacity of Faith is exemplary and inspiring. It's a new phase for you and you'll enjoy word-born testimonies everyday. You have entered your rest. Keep Shinning

#CELEBRATINGMYTEACHER # PASTOR CHRIS THE BEST TEACHER ORDAINED BY GOD. Words are not enough to Express my gratitude to you Pastor. You're a special blessing to all of us. You're rich in favor and full of the Lord's blessings. I love you extremely dearly, in Christ our lord.

Today, I celebrate my Greatest and Best teacher!!! Pastor Sir, your words and teachings have produced in me, excellence of the spirit, sagacity of mind and a total transformation in personality. I love you very dearly Sir. #mmtcelebration #pastorchrisismyteacher #cecanada

Happening Now at CEScarborough #FBAFG #CESCARBOROUGHGroup #CECanada #RevKen

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