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Celebrating the world best teacher. #MMTCelebration #Pastorchrisismyteacher #Thankyoupastorchris #cecanada

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Christ Embassy Church Harkers Hall St.catherine Jamaica Sunday Service

Month of Ministry

month of ministry 🙌🙌

Celebrating my greatest teacher, and world # 1 best teacher Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome! Pastor I am eternally grateful to God for the impact of your teachings in my life. Thank you for making the word of God simple, sweet and easy to do. I love❤ you Pastor. #mmtchallenge #cecanada

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Thank you ever so graciously Pastor, You make my relationship with the Holy Spirit sweeter, better and refreshing each day. I love you faithfully sir.

This weekend was indeed glorious at CE Clinton, on Friday we had our Monthly Gospel Open Mic Night! Video clips on the way! Every age included in Ministry!

Happy Wedding anniversary esteemed Pastors sir/ma. This has been from glory to glory.

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