Phenomenal Life With Pastor Amaechi: It’s GOAL!!!! 2m Copies in on KingsChat Web

It’s GOAL!!!! 2m Copies in One Month! 2000 islands taken for Jesus! #peeayforever #sonofpastorchris #kingdomconsciousness #yourloveworld #rhapsodyofrealities #yourloveworld #rhapsodyofrealities #lightupindonesia #2mcopiesofror

It’s GOAL!!!! 2m Copies in
Raphael Abundance


I is, thank you Sir



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maxwell jesrhema


Congratulations!!! Pastor Sir. From glory to glory God is taking you.

Charis Angel


Congratulations pastor sir.Aheadship is at work.

Pastor Bunmi


WOW. Supernaturally glorious



The word works! Congratulations Pastor Sir and all members of CEPH Zone1

Uzochiamaka Passion OBIAJULU


Congratulations Esteemed Pastor Sir and PH Zone 1 partners. Glorious things are fulfilled by you in a 1000 measure. Glory to God

Pastor Karen Basmarc


Congratulations Ph Zone1.Glory to God!

Edem Soglo


Yes it's a Goallll, Praise the Lordrrrrr, Aheadship indeed. Congratulations PhZone1

Pastor Angel


2018 is indeed a child's play. Congratulations ceph zone1.



Congratulations to PHzone 1 it's a 1000 times greater!



Wow!!! Congratulations Pastor and all partners in CEPH1

Pst. Ese Eze


Wow! Wow! Wow! A massive congratulations!

Deaconess Ayo Odionesene


Wow! 🙌

Delightful Pastor Jumoke



Ayiagbonosa Joy


Glory to God

FLAWLESS PBecca-Wealth Autarkeia😚💃



Deba West Erhabor



Amaka Rachael Mordi (AMARAK)


Congratulations Sirrrrrrrrrrrrr

Andrew O. Henry


This is a supernatural. Thank you so much Sir for believing in us. The grace of Aheadship is working. #cephzone1

Happy birthday to Esteemed Pastor Omoh Ma. Thank you for your exceptional love you have for the children all around the world. Thank you for being a great blessing to anyone who comes close to you. I love you Ma so very much and appreciate you dearly. Happy birthday Ma😘😘😘

# Prayer-thon

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Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Ma. Thank you so much for your inspiring life of service. You are so detailed and always on top of your game. You are indeed a luminary! Keep lighting up your world with your unique touch. I love you very much

HAPPENING LIVE IN WARRI MINISTRY CENTRE!!!! A SEASON OF MIRACLES AND HEALING WITH THE ESTEEMED EVANG DR EDDY OWASE!! We are live on Set! Glory to God! Right now on Set with the esteemed Director are distinguished Pastors and Testifiers! Reading from Luke 36:6 the esteemed Pastor Sarah Obiazi admonished the brethren to be a vital part in bringing healing and opportunities to people who have lost all hope. “I”m a product of the Healing School” She declared! It’s your season of Miracles and Healing! It’s time to connect and take healing to the ends of the earth! - Pastor Marilyn Ogaga. I will give till Jesus comes! Partnership is my life! Giving opens doors for me! I will fill the altar with my seeds - Dcns Irene Okwara. Catch the live stream via this link More updates on “A Season of Miracles & Healing “ coming shortly! #Warrininistrycentre #seasonofmiracles&healing

#Sealed Destined for Exploits Happy Birthday 🥳 sir ❤️


#prayathon #WEZN1CEOSLONORWAY #prayingnow

TEENS I SHINE CONFERENCE IN BULAWAYO, SA ZONE 5. The Teens I shine Conference was a special Program held for Teenagers in the city of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Over 562 teens were in attendance with over 100 giving their hearts to christ. Halellujah!!! #lwteensministry


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