Tolu Ayeni : Happy birthday to Savanna. Active,vibrant on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday to Savanna. Active,vibrant and supportive. Thank you for all you do for the body of Christ. Royalties love and celebrate you. #royalties#cebramptonwest.

Happy birthday to Savanna. Active,vibrant

We trumpet the gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ at dawn when it's all quite, we give residents in our catchment area the opportunity to give their hearts to the Lord. #Monthofministry #HowICarryOutMinistry #ImInOffice #CeNorthKaneshie #Accraghanazone

CEBW Miracle Wednesday is the solution!!I am super expectant!! I am broadcasting to my coworkers! And I see them there! Their hearts open to receive!! Glory to God I have caused changes that have eternal value! oh what an honor!! Jajakaseba!!! #cecanada;#cebramptonwest

#ThankfulFor2019 #2019Testimonies #Vision2020Ahead #GettingReady #BYC2020🇲🇼 #BMG2020 #BelieveMovementGlobal

Pastor sir! Thank you for racing us as soldiers! We are proud 🙌 to be in ur team.thank you for being so humble in all ur ways and setting a pace for us! Pastor sir! We love you yayaciously! Happy birthday #pc11/10 #cepointenoir2 #cewashington #cendobo #ewcaz4

HBD our Esteemed Pastor Seyi. The Lord has exalted your horn like the horn of a unicorn. It's grace heaped upon grace and from glory to glory. 10Q for your contribution & impact towards the indigent & prospering the vision of our Man of God. God bless you openly and abundantly.

Happiest Birthday Brother McKeith! You have been great blessing to the body of Christ for the past years! May you continue to grow in leaps and bounds! I love you dearly

Happy birthday deacon know One of the things about you is your amazing creativity art of getting things done, you motivate me most of the time and thank you Sir for your work in the ministry sir .... I Love You Sincerely Sir.. Happy birthday

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#ceaccraghanazone #thisisit #OneNightOfBlessing #ONBwithPastorChris

#ceaccraghanazone #mydadiscominghome #thisisit #ONBwithPastorChris

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