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A very big thank you, everyone@ The Celebrating Woji Group, that made the Reachout Nigeria Celebration Carnival a success, God bless you all for your Commitment, Obeidence in every little thing we do to celebrate Jesus have received Abundance of Grace in Jesus Name

A very big thank you, A very big thank you, A very big thank you, A very big thank you, A very big thank you,


We came at such a time like this!

11.45pm Prayer Session Wednesday 2nd October #cekano #nnwz2

#WhyICelebratePC #CEBerlinCentral#TeensChurchBerlin I wish our highly esteemed, Pastor Chuka a Happy Birthday!!! His preaching and excellent understanding of the word empower us with each service. He gives us insight, as he reveals to us the deeper meaning of the scriptures.

17 Days to go! Zonal Cell Leaders Conference with our Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor, Pastor Femi Date: Saturday, 19th October 2019 Time: 1pm Venue: Christ Embassy Manhattan Register today @ #usar1z2

Happy Birthday Pastor Chuka! A Man of God Full of Compassion and Love you taught me How to use my Faith in every and any challenges. Thank you so much Pastor! Happy Birthday!!

It pays to be at the right place at the right time and to cause some one else to be uplifted through God's eternal word of love and grace. #FBAKG #RevKen #Cescarboroughgroup #Cescarborough #CeCanada

6.15am Onsite Prayer Session Thursday 3rd October #cekano #nnwz2

Ministry version for all who want to express Their love for our MOG Like & Comment Right something nice ;

#whyIcelebratePC #PCis50 #PC0210 #CEDortmund 😇🌹💃♨️💥🎉😇💥💐❤️ These 10 Reasons made Celebrate my PC so uniquely in 24Hours PASTOR I HAVE ENJOY CELEBRATING YOUR50‘S THIS WAY THANKSGOT EHO YOU ARE LOVE YOU

#celz1rocks #celz1ronconcert #SG1 #CELCC6OJODU

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