CE Port Harcourt Zone 1: ABOUT YESTERDAY... #SAGC brought more on KingsChat Web

ABOUT YESTERDAY... #SAGC brought more light and upgrade to the zone. We have changed address, moved in ranks, in ability and capacity to function, grace has been superlatively multiplied and lots more. #gratitude #SAGC2019 #CEPHZONE1

ABOUT YESTERDAY... #SAGC brought more ABOUT YESTERDAY... #SAGC brought more ABOUT YESTERDAY... #SAGC brought more ABOUT YESTERDAY... #SAGC brought more ABOUT YESTERDAY... #SAGC brought more


#cevlakfontein Sunday tings

HAPPENING NOW - YOUR LOVEWORLD WITH PASTOR CHRIS "You think things have changed in the world, the next few years will show you a dramatic difference between then and now, compared to now and five, ten, fifteen years ago. The changes will be so huge!" Tune in as the Man of God discusses ”how to position yourself for the days ahead”. The special LIVE broadcast of Your Loveworld with Pastor Chris is showing now on all LoveWorld Networks. #yourloveworld #cephzone3

Your Loveworld!!! “If you have them you don’t have to apologize. Live your life as a Christian!” Pastor Chris speaks on Christians getting tattoos and why they are not important to God. Pastor also speaks on particular habits that do not align with the Christian lifestyle and how spiritual growth can end them. Tune in to any Loveworld station to Participate. #Cephzone2 #Yourloveworld

100 Things You Can Do With ROR Bible+: ~~~•~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~•~~~ #2 - Exciting Social-share Features With ROR Bible+, you can instantly share inspiring Scripture or your victory verses that blessed you greatly, with your friends and loved ones. Wow, what a perfect tool to initiate a #liftChallenge, or show #howICarryOutMinistry for impactful social evangelism! I just shared the theme scripture for this Month of Ministry (Isaiah 4 vs 5-6 : New Living Translations) with my colleague at work. You can do the same Now! For more tips on the effective use of ROR Bible+, visit: https://blog.rorbible.plus #100ThingsWithRORBible #iCanDoWithRORBible #discoverGodForYourself

"When the Lord gives you responsibility, He gives you more grace, the grace increases with responsibility. As you grow, He gives more grace, but if you are not growing, you stay with the grace you have been at." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome _ Watch now on : http://www.loveworldsat.org/our_project/live_television.html _ #loveworldsat #yourloveworld

Updated his profile photo

Celebrating the world best teacher! A teacher like no other! With him, the of God is simple! Yet impactful! Thank you 🙏 sir for impacting our world with the investment of your personality! #MMTcelebrations #lovepastorchris #cecanada

This month is my month for more responsibilities, notable success in my work in ministry... #ceenugu2 #ministry

Happening right now!!!💥💥 Your Loveworld⭐ 🇬🇧⭐ Join us live with our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome on another exciting episode of Your Loveworld live in the United Kingdom! Kindly participate via all Loveworld TV Networks. #yourloveworld #warriministrycentre

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