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#GloriousNews - The Esteemed Pastor Lisa Lawal and her team took to the streets of Tudu in Accra early this morning, ministering the Word and inviting many to A Night of Blessings with Pastor Chris. It's indeed our month of Ministry. #HowIcarryoutministry #MonthOfMinistry #ANOBwithPastorChris

#GloriousNews - The Esteemed Pastor #GloriousNews - The Esteemed Pastor #GloriousNews - The Esteemed Pastor #GloriousNews - The Esteemed Pastor #GloriousNews - The Esteemed Pastor
lilian zorbari


God bless you ma

Pastor Isaac Asamoah (Accra Zone)





Glory to God forever

Emmanuel A King



Dcn Kwabena Situ


Glorrrrrrrrry Glorrrrrrrrry. Wooow we are ready for our great man of God Pastor Chris

Happy birthday my lovely Uwa.Continue to grow in God"s word,shinning forth His glory..#cemidwestzonestaffcommunity

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Happy Birthday Sis Ifeoma We love you

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Happy birthday to Gods Beauty, Pastor Beauty, so beautiful & overflowing in Liquid Love for all. Your smile warms & calms everything & makes Life Easy. Thanks for teaching us how to make it work.I love you Ma #PBA2019 #PBA12OCT #CelebratingGraceStyleSubstance #UKZone2 #LWCentral

Hearty birthday greetings to our highly esteemed Dcness Margaret Effiok. You’ve made so much impact since you joined CE Shangisha. You’ve simply been amazing at CE Chosen Generation. Thank you for your commitment to the vision of our man of God. I love you special. God bless you.

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Pastor Se Se @pastorseyi, Knowing you is knowing Joy and Kindness.You are amazing and full of Grace! Thank you for all you do for me and CEilorin 1. You are a blessing to the body of Christ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I love you dearly!

Happy Birthday Pastor Eddie, you are meek and full of love. Thank you for your continuous partnership with the Loveworld Television Ministry. We love and celebrate you always! Keep Shining Ever So Brightly

And we are COUNTING UP💃🏽🥳💃🏽🥳💃🏽🥳 None like you Sir, no not one!!! Turn on your post notification 🔔🔔🔔 We about to have a greeeaaaat time! #CelebratingOurDivineAccess #LuminaryPtt #Ptt2610

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