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Updated her profile photo

Updated her profile photo

Thank you President Sir for coming to ordain me for the work. You confirmed the thoughts of my heart, quelled the doubts in my mind and gave me a "Jump Start" I remain eternally grateful!!! ❤

Updated her profile photo

It is a 1000X TIMES GREATER! Thank you Pastor Sir for your words that keeps us elevated. I love you sir.

BREAKING NEWS!!!  Yes, It's Here! The 2019 Global Rhapsody Online Prayer Conference!!! SAVE THE DATE! Get ready for ecstatic moments of prayer as we light up the world through prayers! Tell Everyone!  DATE: 29-30TH NOVEMBER ROPC GLOBAL, Lighting up the world through prayer! #ROPC2019 #lightuptheworldthroughprayers #ropcglobal #rhapsody

HEALING SCHOOL WEEKLY Salvation and Healing in Yola Read all about it using this link #healingschoolcyberchurch #ceyola #nnez1

THIS IS CELVZ NEWS ~ WATCH ° KNOW ° ACT 3 (three) Important Factors For Success ~ Wisdom ~ Understanding ~ Knowledge Encapsulated In The News For The Week #CELVZ #NEWS #NeedToKnow

Updated her profile photo

HAPPENING NOW!!! #photohighlights RON RHAPATHON LIVE WITH THE ESTEEMED EVANG DR EDDY OWASE - EDJEBA GROUP AND GREATER WARRI GROUP Live on set with the Highly Esteemed Evang. Dr. Eddy Owase are distinguished panelists testifying on the impact of Rhapsody of Realities in their lives! - Pastor Marilyn Ogaga, Pastor Leader Niemogha and Rev. Mark Iyoha (Pastor of Paradise of Grace Mission International) Its yet another glorious level! Stay connected for more timely updates of the ongoing program. #RONRhapathon #greaterwarrigroup #edjebagroup #warriministrycentre

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Grace!!! Grace!!! Grace!!!

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