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It's only 3 days to It's only 3 days to

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With Brother Tezta and his souls after Sunday Service.. Bro Tezta is committed to reaching out to his world for Jesus Christ. Well Done Bro Tezta... The harvest is Ready!!

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BY THIS TIME NEXT YEAR ~ @ LOVEWORLD PRENATAL MORE TESTIMONIES ASSURED My testimony is about a friend who was introduced to me by my sister in law. Her challenge was that she was losing her pregnancies due to high blood pressure. I spoke with her, gave her pastors messages on faith, faith proclamations for her health, healing school magazine etc. At the CELVZ Zonal Convention last year, our Esteemed Zonal Director, Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu, said that she was led to pray for those who wanted the fruit of the womb and she said even if the person was not physically present, one could stand in for the person, which I did. After the Convention, I called the friend and told her what I did and that Pastor said "by this time next year you will have your testimony". Truly the word works! At the time, the friend was trying to get a job in order to raise funds for IVF. One day she called and informed me that she got a job with a bank and had to embark on 3 (three) months training. While undergoing medicals for the job, the doctor told her CONGRATULATIONS THAT SHE WAS SEVERAL WEEKS PREGNANT. Gloryyyyyy Through out the period of her training we were working the word, making proclamations and the pressure was managed, aside from two or three times she was on bed rest; and months passed till the eighth month when the devil decided to pull his final stunts but I kept encouraging her that this baby was spoken for and no matter what the pressure, doctors or any contrary challenge she should remember his word has gone forth and it must accomplish what it had been sent to do. Hallelujah! Through it all we prayed and held on to Gods word and even sent people to physically pray with her in the hospital and she was delivered of a baby girl through CS. Exactly one year after that word was given, which is the just concluded Zonal Convention; she delivered a baby girl. The doctor said they were surprised how fast she was healing and the baby, one wouldn't even believe was born at 8 (eight) months. Gloryyyyy! I want to say a big thank you to Pastor Yemisi. Ma, you make the word of God tangible and you are a continual inspiration and to our Man of God, Pastor Chris, I am grateful that I am among the many destined to meet you Sir. Sister Rinna CELVZ Register @ www.celvz.org/prenatal Invite/Register Someone @ www.celvz.org/prenatal/guest #CELVZ #LoveworldPrenatal #TestimoniesLoading

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Happy birthday, bro Ozor. Thank you for your commitment to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ & your love for the brethren in CE Adekunle Kuye. God is taking you to greater heights. He remains your peace and your wisdom. Have a most blissful birthday celebration in Jesus name.

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