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100 Things You Can Do With ROR Bible+: ~~~•~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~•~~~ Tip #2 - Exciting Social-share Features With ROR Bible+, you can share inspiring scriptures or that victory verse that has blessed you, with friends, family, cell members and loved ones via KingsChat, email, and other Instant Messaging apps. You can also share these favorites on all social platforms. Wow, what a perfect tool to initiate a #liftChallenge, or show #howICarryOutMinistry for impactful social evangelism! Now, let me show you how. Sharing is pretty easy! Step 1: Simply long-press on the scripture verse you wish to share with that loved one. Immediately, a check sign displays in front of the selected verse. You may select as as many verses as you wish to share by tapping on them. Step 2: Then tap on the Share icon displayed on the top utility bar. This launches the view of all apps on your device, with the share capability, Step 3: To share your favorite verse(s) via KingsChat, tap on the KingsChat icon. Instantly, your contact list is pulled up. Simple scroll to or type in the search bar, the recipient's name or the group you wish to share to, Step 4: Tap on SEND to share. It’s as simple as that! Want to share to other social platforms, kindly follow the same flow from Step #3, selecting your social platform of choice. I just shared the theme scripture for this Month of Ministry (Isaiah 4 vs 5-6 : New Living Translations) with my colleague at work. Now, you, too, can try that out! For more tips on the effective use of ROR Bible+, visit: https://blog.rorbible.plus #100ThingsWithRORBible #iCanDoWithRORBible #discoverGodForYourself

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Dennis Tuapaye


Best time and place to share God's word is here

Kgalalelo Keboreng🇧🇼


Wow this is remarkable and true ministry



Amazing app


I'm about to be ushered into the LEVEL of NO LIMITS #QPC #FINISHINGSTRONG #TLB #CEBAYELSA

Happy birthday to a very special and unique personality Pastor Sade Owoyemi ma. Thank you so much ma for making the work very easy. Thank you for your smiles that dissolves doubts. We love you specially in Ugborikoko group and Megethos church

Faith is the response of the human Spirit to the Word of God. We pleased God tonight with our faith. Personally I have moved. I pulled out virtue from my MOG three times! By reason of faith expectations & encounter, I have MOVED! #CEBRAMPTONWESTNO1 #CECANADA #MiracleWednesday


We may have been troubled on everyside, cast down & persecuted on everyside but God kept us. After this program the eagle fighters in us have just been renewed & reloaded to launch higher than human comprehension. 🙌🙌💃💃 #CEBRAMPTONWESTNO1 #CECANADA #MiracleWednesday

Cell Ministry Day of Bliss Today's Prayer Point Beloved, today as we pray, we will thank God for a great harvest of souls into our cells, outreach fellowships and churches through the program. Declare that this will result in the expansion of the work of the ministry in our Zone. Num 11:31-32, Acts 2:41,47 and Acts 5:14 We will pray at 6am and 10:15pm for 15 minutes each time. Have a great day and God bless you.

Glory !! Glory ! Glory .. celebrating my Pastor and woman of God . Thank you for being a blessing to my life Pastor ma . #LWManchester #PastorSheena #Birthdayloading

Glory to God

2 Chronicles 20:20 KJV...Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper. #LWManchester #PastorSheena #Birthdayloading

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