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Training has no timing. Training must be continuous and every opportunity to be trained, cease it! That's promotion for you! #BlueEliteCommunity #BlueElite #GlobalStaffTraining

Training has no timing. Training Training has no timing. Training Training has no timing. Training Training has no timing. Training Training has no timing. Training

ROSA2019 Rhapsody Impact Story: CE Johannesburg Central visited Yeoville clinic to distribute 1 box of Rhapsodies At least 3 souls gave their life to Christ. They were so excited and one said "I feel my heart as joyous as I have done this". Prayed for the sick. Among the 100 plus people on the que, We opened todays Rhapsody and summarised what Pastor is teaching about so that they understand the book what it is all about. People's hearts were so receptive of the message. #ROSA2019 #ReachOutSouthAfrica2019 #ReachOutCommunities #CEJohannesburgCentral #CESAZone1

Program Alert!!!! Global staff training program!! #enec #blueelite

Thank you so much Pastor Sir for this glorious #GlobalStaffTraining. I'm so so impacted...short, concise and life-transforming. Aaahhh! Praise God. #CEAMC #MonthofMinistry

Photo speaks #globalstafftraining #cedouala

ROSA2019 ReachOut Community Stories Updates CE Alex has done it again Visiting their local Police station and impacting the lives of public servants. They have established a divine intervention fellowship with the station where they come every morning to share Rhapsody with police officers, inspiring and equipping then with God's word to impact their world with the same message of Hope. #ROSA2019 #ReachOutSouthAfrica2019 #ReachOutCommunities #CEAlex #CESAZone1

OHOA Staff participating at the Global Staff Training

Global staff training program!!! We have been fired up for ministry exploits and expansionism... #enec #blueelite

MORE ROSA2019 ReachOut Community Testimonies CE Alex also attended the Johannesburg Central Cluster SAPS Meeting at Alexandra Police Station. We were blessed with the presence of Johannesburg SAPS General, Mr Marsha. Who also received the message of hope through the Rhapsody of realities Devotional. All senior delegates that were in attendance received their own copy of the messanger angel

Global Training #iwasthere #globalstafftraining #celz1rocks

Global Training #iwasthere #globalstafftraining #celz1rocks

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