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TOTAL EXPERIENCE BUEA IS HERE WITH PASTOR MERCY OMOREGIE. Molyko omnisport complex Buea Cameroon. Am Confidence all expectations will be met! Wow wow wow. #totalexperiencebuea #totalexperiencewithPastorMercy #cebamenda1 #bamendagroup #EWCAZ4

Dieudonne Tolo



Happy Birthday precious Princess @doreen18. An adorable lady of distinction and vision, full of the Holy Spirit. . Your are a passionate and an excellent personality; an icon of God's glory, beauty and grace. You are sure for signs, seasons and wonders and a joy of many generations. You are so dutiful, loving, humble and responsible in the things I have witnessed you do. Dear Doreen your life is from glory to glory and strength to strength. Have yourself a glorious year of Lights, illuminating your world. Here's to many more years of glorious adventures in ministry and in your service of Christ. Shine! Shine! dear son of Pastor Chris and Son of ministry in this month of ministry. I love you dearly!πŸ’

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a sweet, caring and loving daughter. Thank you for loving your brother the way you do.

Its here ohhhhh

Updated his profile photo

This is GRACE. GRACE!!! No jokes. Thank you Lord.πŸ™Œ


#totalexperiencebuea# #onthe19thofoctober# #bueamolykostadium# #pastormercyomoregie# #1pm# EXPERIENCE of a life time

TOTAL EXPERIENCE BUEA IS HERE WITH PASTOR MERCY OMOREGIE. #totalexperiencebuea #totalexperiencewithPastorMercy #cebamenda1 #bamendagroup #EWCAZ4 #SAINTD

God is for me, and that means I don’t have to worry.

Experience of a life time #totalexperiencebuea# #tomorrowat1pm#

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