CE Accra Ghana Zone: #Update: The Protocol Team looking on KingsChat Web

#Update: The Protocol Team looking all dazzling😄😄. LMAM Artists, PeeYuu and Obi Shine are in town! Glory!! #ANOBwithPastorChris #CeAccraGhanaZone #Thisisit

#Update: The Protocol Team looking #Update: The Protocol Team looking #Update: The Protocol Team looking #Update: The Protocol Team looking #Update: The Protocol Team looking


This is beautiful.

remy Mantey



Shine WorldOvercomer


Gloryyyy thank you Esteemed Pastors Sir and Maa. We love you!

Osato ❤ Tracy





Exquisite 👌🏿




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There's an overflow #pastorjoyinilorin #wordconventionilorin #ceilorin1 #iaminoffice

Updated his profile photo

Ilorin will never remain the same. #PastorJoyinilorin #WordConventionIlorin #Ceilorin1

Family reveals Gods character like nothing else in Creation...gearing up for a special time with the Lord and our brethren #CEDonValley #TheLightHouse #HCS1027 #EachOneMatters #CECanada

Hello fam,how are y'all doing ???I trust Excellent !!!!! Just wanted to say I love y'all #FavourP #Soundcode

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