Fox News: Six Chinese men jailed over on KingsChat Web

Six Chinese men jailed over contracting botched hit job A group of six reluctant hitmen were jailed last week in China after a years-long saga in which they alleged subcontracted the hit several times.

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China may replace Carrie Lam as Hong Kong chief, report says The Chinese government is reportedly drawing up a plan to replace Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam, whose leadership sparked the protests ravaging the financial hub, according to the Financial Times.

New Zealand navy to allow male personnel to wear fake eyelashes and makeup Male service members in the Royal New Zealand Navy will soon be allowed to wear fake eyelashes, nail polish and makeup under new gender-neutral guidelines.

Turkey would not have invaded Syria if American troops stayed, says US military's former top officer A former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said Turkey would not have invaded northeast Syria had U.S. troops remained at their posts. The American retreat "opened the door" for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, according to retired Navy Adm. Mike Mullen.

Venezuelans bartering food, cigarettes to pay for gas amid inflation As Venezuela's economy continues to nosedive amid hyperinflation, some drivers are ditching the country's currency to pay for gas -- which has long been dirt-cheap because of government subsidies -- in favor of food, snacks and cigarettes.

Hong Kong formally withdraws extradition bill The Hong Kong government on Wednesday said it formally withdrew its controversial extradition bill that sparked months of violent protests but will reportedly be the fulfillment of only one demand out of five by protesters who continue to take to the streets.

'Permanent' Turkey-Syria cease-fire possible as temporary peace agreement ends, Pence says The 120-hour cease-fire agreement between Turkey and Syria ended Tuesday, and U.S. officials including Vice President Mike Pence were optimistic that a permanent peace deal could emerge after days of turmoil.

Hong Kong withdraws controversial extradition bill The Hong Kong government has withdrawn the controversial extradition bill that sparked months of protests and violence.

Berlin rents could be frozen and tenants may sue to reduce costs Rents in Berlin could be frozen for five years to reverse rising costs in one of Germany's most expensive cities to live in.

Money, power and politics on trial in ExxonMobil court case A very interesting trial began today in the New York State Supreme Court in lower Manhattan.

Mum charged with murder of daughter who 'died of terminal illness' A Colorado mother who asked for donations to cover medical treatments for her daughter and promoted the girl's "bucket list" of dreams to fulfil before she died has been charged with murdering the seven-year-old.

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