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#Ce Etobicoke Central #Canada #Month of Ministry #Super Sunday 1. 2. 3 DAYS TO GO! It’s gonna be Glorious, it’s gonna be beautiful, it’s gonna be Excellent...Super Sunday with Pst GB

#Ce Etobicoke Central #Canada #Month #Ce Etobicoke Central #Canada #Month #Ce Etobicoke Central #Canada #Month

Happening Now!!! #photoupdates Ribbon Cutting Segment of Opening Ceremony of the TCIF Medical Centre Sabongari, Demsa LGA, Adamawa State. #tcif #lmms

#photoupdates Ribbon Cutting Segment of Opening Ceremony of the TCIF Medical Centre Sabongari Community, Demsa LGA, Adamawa State.

STILL ON LAST NIGHT'S RHAPATHON WITH OUR HIGHLY ESTEEMED MOST REVEREND AT CE LUGBE FHA, AIRPORT ROAD GROUP. For everywhere the RHAPATHON train lands, the blessing comes to stay. Who's next? Stay glued💃💃💃 #CEAMC

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#ROR#OTD #yourfoundation #fora #greatlife #howIcarryoutministry #Iaminoffice #ministryinprogress The Word of God on our lips is God talking The Word of God is our light, compass and navigator for our daily path so we chart our course everyday in wisdom and righteousness

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SUCCESS MOTIVATION Pastor Chris ▪Don't cheat the world by doing nothing. ▪There is no poverty for the man, who has made an INVESTMENT in his MIND and he's willing to ACT! There's no hunger for the man who has trained his mind to think through every problem, to solve every problem. Train yourself, think through a problem, render solution and let men come to you for advice! ▪Decide to Be SMART! Decide to Be a problem solver. ▪If you make that decision, that is what you will be. Problem solvers are in short supply in the world. There's a place for a man who decides to be excellent! ▪Distinguish yourself! It is time to put your Best into what you do! ▪GET BETTER and BIGGER! Be excellent!!!! ▪SUCCESS is waiting for the man who plans for IT, who reaches out for IT! Who says I will wake up and he wakes up, who says I will read this book and He does. Who says I will go to school and he goes. ▪Change the Position, SAY to yourself; I will be WATCHED. ▪There are those who only think of designer perfume, designer clothes, designer shoes where are your own designs? ▪CHALLENGE yourself for the future! ▪There's room for you! There's a place for you at the top! #Pastorchrislive #SERegion

Join the February 2020 session by clicking https://forms.gle/Rpy6nULZ3KzaJkjL7 This country offers visa. Email o.adegunju@cloudsurfers.ng.

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