New York Times: Wegmans and Nordstrom Finally Make on KingsChat Web

Wegmans and Nordstrom Finally Make It Here Friday: You can shop at the giant supermarket on Sunday. A behemoth mall is also opening nearby in New Jersey. Sort of.

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Cameroon's Joel Tagueu plays again after heart troubles Cameroon international Joel Tagueu says being able to play football again despite being diagnosed with a heart ailment is a "victory".

Tens of thousands evacuated as wildfires rage in California Tens of thousands of people have been forced to evacuate as wildfires rage in California, threatening large areas including its famous wine-growing region.

Andover runner almost died drinking five litres of water Marathon runner Johanna Pakenham almost died when she drank five litres of water.

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🔊 It's raining blessings tonight in Ghana!!! ✅ The Spirit of God is ready💯 ✅ The man of God is ready  💯 ✅ The angels are in position💯 What about you? The rendezvous point is the Black Star Square (Independence Square), from 5pm 🕔 (GMT). You don't want to miss this!!!

Your Friday Briefing California, Tulsi Gabbard, Betsy DeVos: Here's what you need to know.

Jillian Bell wants actresses to play 'real human beings'

Eddie Murphy is 'semi-retired'

Diana Ross announces UK dates for Top Of The World Tour in 2020

Kesha's new album High Road is a return to who she really is

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