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Good afternoon Plz I would love to personally thank u for been a part of my journey musically. Thank u for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to share my music with u. In a few I would love to share my album **The HighPriest Album**with u.

Good afternoon Plz I would

Esteemed Pastor Chioma Okparaji. A wonderful time spent in God Presence. #celz1rocks #ceshangisha #stg1grpofinfluence #zonalvisitation

All joy and smiles as they received their certificates... The church is marching on. Glory to God!

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#MTMGTA #MTMpraise #MoreThanMusic2019 #MoreThanMusic

Congratulations to The 2019 graduating class of Loveworld Children's Ministry Christ Embassy Barking on your induction into the Loveworld Teens Ministry. Indeed your path shines brighter and brighter unto a glorious future of global impact for the Lord Jesus Christ. Halleluyah!!! #CEBARKING #UK2Z4FASTEST #2019LIGHTS

More Pictures from the on going Zonal Leaders Fire conference. Testimonies from leaders on the impact of God's word in their lives, finances and cells. Glory to God..

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Gloryyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! #MusicFromHeaven #CESilukogroup #Cemidwestzone

This is how you flaunt your agbada on your birthday when you have tasted God's grace,his goodness,his love,his kindness and mercies.Happy Birthday My Venerated Pastor Olugbenga.Thank you for opportunities to serve.I love you Sir. #PGOrocks #gracepersonified #2710 #lagoszone1

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