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They came back home from Church today rejoicing -Few souls won through October MEGA OUTREACH from Charisma PCF Cell4A. #monthofministry #iminmyoffice #howicarryoutministry #ministryinprogress #ceamc.

They came back home from They came back home from They came back home from They came back home from
Sindiya musa


Glory to God

#Sunday service #Superb #Excellent and full of glory #Money in motion #Young billionaire president

Healing School segment at CEMARKHAM @Super Sunday service. #CECANADA #CEMARKHAM #SUPERSUNDAY

Thank you pastor Sir for being a huge blessing to me I love you pastor Sir #pflow1031 #graced4greatness #inspiringpastorflow #G4G1031

Cell day of bliss, The desires of the spirit was fulfilled as many were filled with the Holy spirit. #wealthcreators2 #celldayofbliss #postcgi #ewcaz4

LMAM UK ZONE 2 CENTRAL CHURCH DERISO CONCERT WITH THE ESTEEMED PASTOR TONY ADUROJA After a wonderful time of praise, worship and joyfulness in God's presence, the Esteemed Pastor Tony seized the opportunity to minister salvation to the unconverted who were present at the Deriso Concert. Pastor Tony announced to the congregation saying "Christianity is not a religion...; it is the pulsating life of God in man." He further explained from 2 Corinthians 5:17, that being in Christ is having a new life; a nature of God in a human being. There is a higher life; to live this life, you must have the Son of God, he said. "Jesus came for a purpose; that we may have life. All you need to do is to confess His Lordship" On that note he made an altar call to both the congregation in the main and the overflow halls and welcomed new converts to Christ and first timers to the Church. It was such a glorious day welcoming new souls to the kingdom while having a good time in God's presence. #UKZone2 #CentralChurchDerisoConcert

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Celebrating my advantage #graced4greatness #pflow1031 #inspiringpastorflow

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Healing School segment @CEMARKHAM @Super Sunday service. #CECANADA #CEMARKHAM #SUPERSUNDAY

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