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A very Happy Birthday to the very Highly Esteemed CEO of our great nation. Pastor Deola Phillips. Your dedication to the work of the ministry, your multifaceted talents and abilities demonstrated in the various worldwide positions and responsibilities that you so effectually execute are a testament to Pastor's coat of many colours that rests so mightily upon you. The grace of God that you carry and the extraordinary words that you share are always so inspiring and your exploits in ministry, church growth and partnership are beacons of light, illumination, faith and testify so mightily of the power of the Holy Ghost effectually working in you. We love you dearly Pastor. Happy Birthday! #Magnumlumen #HowIseetheceo

A very Happy Birthday to A very Happy Birthday to A very Happy Birthday to A very Happy Birthday to


Happy birthday pastor ma. I love you so much!!!






Happy birthday sis have a lovely blessed day with family and friends 🙏🌹🌹

Juliana Giesselmann


Hallelujah happy birthday Esteemed pastor Dee

Pastor Val


Happy birthday highly esteemed Pastor Ma! We love you so much ❤️

Emmanuel Oloyede C E OFFENBACH


Happy Birthday Ma !!!



Happy birthday Pastor Ma

Patience Timothy


Happy birthday pastor ma

Happy Birthday to Our dear Pastor Dee It's an honour to be loved by you ma, there is a Melody in my ❤️ on this special day for you. Love you ma.

Happy birthday to my Esteemed Ceo, I love so dearly ma.#magumlumin

#LCAACAMEROON #EWCAZ4 #CAMEROON #CENDOBO #TRENDING #PRAYINGNOW Indeed the DERISO CONCERT was a success. Glory to God. Thanks giving to all those that contributed to it success Especially to our ZONAL PASTOR AKIN, EVG CATHY and BR FAVOUR DANCE MACHINE.. WE LOVE YOU

COUNTDOWN!!!! 8 days to a transformation by the Word to higher level of glory. Have you registered yet? #pastorjoyinilorin #wordconventionilorin #ceilorin1

Updated her profile photo

So much excellence, passion, exceptionalism, sagacity and love in one person. It's World Pastor Deola Phillips Day. Words fail us to describe your immeasurable impact in our lives. Oh how we love you Ma!❤ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA #magnumlumen #ceogombo2 #Celz5

Thank you for helping and guiding us in Peculiar Treasure 1 in fulfilling our ministry. We love you dearly ma. Happy birthday our dear CEO of the LOVEWORLD NATION



⭐A Refreshing Thought For You Today⭐ Tuesday, 29 October 2019. In expressing love to others, it's not about what you stand to gain. Walking in love is proof that you love the Lord. For more👉

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