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When i think of how to define Grace,Love passion,influence, affluence,impact,result oriented,Gospel financier,word practitioner,excellence, ardent giver;Pastor Ma you are a living and talking proof of these examples. Happy Birthday Ma. I love you ma #magnumlumen #fala #fald #lia

When i think of how When i think of how When i think of how When i think of how

Celebrating Love personified Celebrating Success Celebrating glory and beauty Celebrating elegance Celebrating Excellence Celebrating the most caring person I am celebrating PASTOR DEE Happy birthday to you Pastor Ma Thank you for impacting my life so much. I love you.

Perspicacious CEO #magnumlumen #2910 #HowIseetheCEO #deptofAdminOCEO

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#magnumlumen #2910 #HowIseetheCEO #deptofAdminOCEO Today is the day I have been waiting for. I love my Director.

Happy birthday to our Highly Esteemed Pastor Deola Ma.Our Beloved CEO.Thank you for being an inspiration.I love you ma. #Eavz3

HBD to my Highly Esteemed CEO of our beloved LoveWorld Nation. i personally love you Ma

Always winning CEO #magnumlumen #2910 #HowIseetheCEO #deptofAdminOCEO the most inspiring, excellent, adorable, loving and legitimate boss... I LOVE you ma and it’s in capital letters #magnumlumen 🥰🥰🥰🥳🥳🥳

Continually full of joy #magnumlumen #2910 #HowIseetheCEO #deptofAdminOCEO

Happy birthday Esteemed ISM Director, Pst Deola Phillips. Every thought of you is joy provoking & a reflection on excellent Ministry. I celebrate you with admiration. Your leadership, teachings and exceptional example will always inspire me. I love & celebrate dearly #Magnumlumen

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